1. N

    Help please - Zgemma H11S Satellite TV Receiver

    Hello, completely new to this. I am cancelling my Sky sub. I have a Sky Q box at present and Sky Q dish, I have Vodafone internet and get download speeds on average of 450MBS. I want to get a Zgemma box and have access to all the channels, 3 o clock kick offs movies and box office channels. How...
  2. K


    Hi I need to know how to update image on my h92s zgemma
  3. O

    H9S SD CARD Compatibility

    Hello guys, I am planning to purchase Micro-SD for the box to install image on + plugins I found Kingston SDCR/32GBSP with 100MB/s Read, 80MB/s Write speeds Which is good for the receiver to act like its internal flash Can you advise if it is compatible with the card reader of Zgemma H9S ?
  4. O

    H9S Top Skins with lowest storage

    Cheers all, As you know the H9S box is perfect but it has only 1 negative issue which is the limited NAND Flash. What are the best skins to download and use that wont require lot of storage. Can you give information about the size of MyMetrixHD and Sky HD skins that will consume from the flash...
  5. C

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Flashing using putty

    Hi all trying to flash latest will o build via putty what do I put at the multiboot partition to flash. As left it blank and hit enter comes up with cannot write file. Cheers guys.
  6. grog68

    Flash VIX via command line from the creators GrogBuild FreeRange - Leading the way to simplicity

    as a spin off from http://www.techkings.org/threads/flash-atv-via-command-line-from-the-creators-grogbuild-freerange-leading-the-way-to-simplicity.144717/ I've now put together a little script to flash open vix from the command line. Please note this will only work for officially supported...
  7. grog68

    Flash ATV via command line from the creators GrogBuild FreeRange - Leading the way to simplicity

    Ever done a software update and found the box won't boot? Ever turn your box on and found it only boots up so far? Every tried to flash online to flash online and found that your build is so old you don't have the option to flash the latest version of ATV via the Flash Online system? Ever...
  8. D

    Where can I JTAG my Zgemma h2s?

    Mods please delete if not allowed... After exstensive diagnosis and attempted fixes I have come to the conclusion that my zgemma box needs JTAGing. So does anyone recommend a place? Happy to accept a PM. I have tried numerous flash pens that I know work but can I get this box to boot up...
  9. S

    Help needed to update Vix image on Evo Enfinity T2/Cable box

    Hi all, I have been searching this & various other forums, but am unable to find instructions on how to update the VIX4E2PROJECT image on my Evo Enfinity T2/CABLE box. Currently I have the following: Version: 2.2 Build: 001-blue+ ...I have issues with no sound on newer Sky Channels (e.g. Sky...
  10. Z

    VM not loading

    Had my box for zgemma h2h for 12 months and worked perfectly. New sub couple of weeks ago and then last couple of days nothing :( checked all connection cables setting etc and everything seems fine. Attempted to reflash but wont work and seems to be still booting up. finds all channels when...
  11. N

    Help to fix R01 - No CA Found error after image flashed

    Hi, bit of a novice here so hoping someone can help get y box up and running... My box - DM800HD SE Sim A8P - had an old OpenPli 4.0 image running OK, however since the whole lockdown on sly stuff it was basically running as a freesat box. So in an attempt to get some IPTV functionality I...
  12. Black-Panther

    How to flash IPAB on H5.2TC?

    Hey guys, My Zgemma H5.2TC just arrived, so plugged in cable and sat and used some accessories like a 2 way splitter etc. I want to flash the IPAB latest image on there but have no clue how since this is my first time doing this myself. Can anybody help me set this up? Once flashed with IPAB...
  13. S

    2nd box image flashing

    hi, tried searching but still struggling.... ive done a full backup of my main box and want to flash this onto another box. i have the 3 folders, backupstick, fullbackup, and zgemma folders. ive renamed the noforce files in bothe the fullbackup and zgemma folders, yet when i try to flash i...
  14. M

    CLOUD-iBOX ll Plus lost most of my channels

    Hi guys, My CloudIbox ll plus lost most of its channels i know iptv is good for zgemmas and mag but is there a way around flasing the cloud-ibox instead of trying to put iptv on it to get my channels back? thanks in advance
  15. Willo3092

    S7 Superman Rom

    Just flashed this on my S7, seems very good. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s7/development/rom-s7-rom-v1-0-t3356197 Basically a slimmed down rooted version of the stock rom.
  16. Luffy

    Box wont boot or flash new image, got a blue screen

    Hi, I attempted to change my splash, but now my box won't boot or flash an image. It just shows this screen. Please can someone help me? Thanks, Luffy
  17. T

    Cannot log in using DCC or Filezilla DM800 HD se

    Hi, I m trying to log into a Dreambox DM800 HD se to see how iptv works on it but I cannot login, I ve used root/dreambox, root/NO PASSWORD, root/passwd and it keeps saying On DCC Bootmanager: not found. Telnet Disconnected Telnet login incorrect! On Filezilla Connection established, waiting...
  18. J

    s4 marshmallow

    hi there does anybody know where i can get the flash file to upgrade my s4 galaxy to marshmallow using heimdall ? many thanks john
  19. A

    Zgemma H5.2S problems (noob)

    Hi All I have a Zgemma H5.2S box with Wooshbuild 5. I also have a 2TB USB hard disk plugged in. Several days ago all my premium channels vanished. Digital channels still work. My thoughts are: 1. The Line is down or gone. 2. I need to update the box as I have not done it, ever. So, without...
  20. M

    Vu+ zero openvix to Whooshbuild v5 not flashing

    hi there, I just wanted to ask, I'm having trouble trying to set up my vu+ zero with wooshbuild v5. My box currently has openvix but I am trying to update to wooshbuild. I have restored 2 usbs to fat32 and placed my line and the image to the usb. I have then turned the box on and it still...