Flash VIX via command line from the creators GrogBuild FreeRange - Leading the way to simplicity


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as a spin off from http://www.techkings.org/threads/flash-atv-via-command-line-from-the-creators-grogbuild-freerange-leading-the-way-to-simplicity.144717/ I've now put together a little script to flash open vix from the command line.

Please note this will only work for officially supported boxes and as long as the Vix team don't change the html code in their web pages where the script gets the brand and box names from.

Ever done a software update and found the box won't boot?

Ever turn your box on and found it only boots up so far?

Every tried to flash online to flash online and found that your build is so old you don't have the option to flash the latest version of VIX via the Flash Online system?

Ever wanted to flash your box but have not got another spare USB stick?

Well I've now got a simple solution for you. It will find the latest nightly build of the current stable ATV and then flash your box. All you need is :

your existing USB/HDD mounted on /media/hdd, this should be the case for recordings etc, you do not need any additional usb stick formatted fat32

you need to be able to connect to your box via putty (or any other shell terminal program) or the openwebif terminal.

This tool does NOT backup your settings so make sure you do (if you can) before using.

SSH to your box using a terminal program such as putty, or using the terminal option of openWebIf in your browser and log in using the username root

Now paste all the code below into the terminal window. (right click on the terminal window to paste)

wget --no-check-certificate -O install_vix.sh https://www.dropbox.com/s/hc2cdr116lvx3dj/install_vix.sh?dl=1 && bash install_vix.sh
after a few seconds you will be asked to select the brand of your box by entering the number next to the brand of your box, you will then be asked to select the actual box you are flashing from another list, again enter the number next to your box.

Now you are prompted which partition you want flashed, this is for boxes with multiboot, if you don't use multiboot or your box doesn't have multiboot facilities just hit the enter key, if you are using multiboot enter the partition number and then press enter key. (Thanks to @Willo3092 for suggesting and testing Multiboot flashing)

The latest stable build will then be downloaded to /media/hdd and your box flashed.

I am sure this will be copied, made into a plugin of some kind or added to another build but remember you saw it here first :)


in the script where it runs the ofgwrite command whats the option it takes?
ofgwrite -r -k root_cfe_auto.bin kernel_cfe_auto.bin

is that the command it actually runs?


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if you google ofgwrite you should find a list of all the options, -k is kernel, -r is rootfs it also uses -m if on a multiboot box.

Please forgive me as the script probably needs updating with some new box and also paths to vix image that have changed recently, I've just not got around to doing it yet