2nd box image flashing


hi, tried searching but still struggling....

ive done a full backup of my main box and want to flash this onto another box.

i have the 3 folders, backupstick, fullbackup, and zgemma folders.

ive renamed the noforce files in bothe the fullbackup and zgemma folders, yet when i try to flash i just see USB the UPDATE on the box, then it loads normally.

main box is on wooshbuild 6, second box is wooshbuild 5. will this cause an issue?
any help appreciated.


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WB5 to WB6 will not be an issue.

Copy JUST the zgemma folder and its contents (h3/imageversion,force,kernal.bin,rootfs.bin) onto a FAT32 formatted USB stick.
You may need to rename "noforce" to "force", for ease of flashing.

Make sure no other USB device is connected to the box, power off, insert USB stick and then power up. It should then flash your image.

This has been covered ad nausea all over this forum.
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