1. NKidd_14

    Cable Help Reflashing H7C

    Hi guys, after a bit of help here please. My old mans Zgemma H7C had an issue where when he turned it on, it got stuck on -49- , i had a look on here and saw that it required a reflash. So, i formatted the usb and added open vix 5.4.009, inserted it in the back and pressed the white button...
  2. C

    Cable ZGEMMA H7C Stops recognising HDD

    I am using ZGEMMA H7C running OpenATV Wooshbuild 7. Recently I am running into a constant problem. My H7C suddenly stops recognising external HDD. It automatically changes all recording folders and Mounts from HDD/Media/ to /dev/sda and the Only way is to unmount HDD then re initialise HDD...
  3. W

    Images Zgemma H7C Backup_03Jun2019_Wooshbuild Infinity_VM2 HD Skin_Open ATV 6.2_Softcam Feed (Ccam, Mgcamd) 1.0

    I've received a fair amount of help, and I've really put other people's work together and made it work for myself Most of this work isn't my doing, however an "almost complete" backup image would probably help people. This is a backup image for a dual DVB-C tuner. If using only one, you may need...
  4. T

    Cable H7C cams not staying.

    Hi. I have just literally purchased a H7C and have spent hours upon hours of installing different images, woosh and ipab, time and time again and the same problem keeps coming up. Woosh Infinity doesn't give me the mgcam option, even when I install all the cam plugins. I have an active mgcam...
  5. vicflange

    Cable Autobouquetmaker ipk For Openpli

    Does anyone have an Autobouquetmaker ipk for the Zgemma H7C with Openpli installed? It isn't in the plugin downloads of the Openpli image. Many thanks
  6. thomaskieron

    H7C and Technomate TM-2600M3 motor

    Is there an issue with using H7C and a TM2600M3 powering a 1.2m dish? Both my H2H and H5 will work the motor no problem. I've tried two H7C boxes and neither of them will power the motor. All Tuner A settings are the same on each box, so should all work the same?? Cheers Kieron
  7. thomaskieron

    Cable OpenVPN on Virmin

    Has anyone managed to get Open VPN working on Virmin in the Manchester area? H7C connected to Archer C7 router, S/Hub3 in modem mode. DNS set to and on the router. Kieron
  8. vicflange

    Cable H7C tuners?! Driving me mad.

    If I connect the terrestrial aerial to the C socket on the back, the box scans and finds channels. I then have to take out the aerial and put it into the B socket to receive those channels. It is also the same for the cable input, I can scan with the cable in the C socket but then have to plug...
  9. vicflange

    Cable newcamd on H7C

    I'm quite new to this, and this is probably a much discussed issue, but after much searching and trying I cannot find a way to run a newcamd file content on the H7C. I have tried converters, tried copying and pasting the information into the oscam file, but nothing works. Am I wasting my time or...
  10. Willo3092

    Cable boxbranding.so for the H.7C

    Could anyone upload this file from their H.7C for me please? /usr/lib/enigma2/python/boxbranding.so After many months of trying I've finally got ViX to run on it and I don't want to risk losing it by flashing ATV to get one file. TIA
  11. Willo3092

    Mutant HD51

    Anyone want to swap their HD51 for my Zgemma H7C? I've given up on ViX ever being released for it.
  12. siilver

    Cable System settings location

    can I change the location of the system setting backup location It automatically goes to the internal HDD But I want to try to send to my USB No idea why I want to but why not lol I was mainly wondering if I could put all my backups on the USB and when I wanted/ need to flash I could just...
  13. grog68

    Grogbuild ATV 6.1 cable only build for H5.2tc, H7C and H4

    Edit:20th November 2017 - I've just been informed the H52tc build also works well on the H5 Edit:22nd November 2017 - I've been told by @davesbak that the H2H build works well on the H2S, you just need to configure for satellite rather than cable. EDit:26th March 2018 - Grogbuild has now been...
  14. grog68

    Zgemma H7 Tuner B fault - is it just me?

    I took delivery of a box of H7C's this morning and I was so excited. I plugged one in, installed skins and plugins etc and then went and set up the tuners, I did an automatic scan and noticed tuner B found no channels, so I disabled the sat tuner (tuner A) and tuner C and ran a scan again...