iptv 2017

  1. asmad

    Smart IPTV after new Samsung software update

    With the Smart IPTV app being removed from the Samsung app store and reportedly being removed from series 7 models of their TV's I have had auto update turned off on my series 6 model Currently running software version: 1220 Turned my TV on today and a new update is available message popped...
  2. F

    Iptv france m3u playlist + sports + turkish + german 17-03-2018

    Hi again, Kings of iptv are back with a playlist that contains all bouquets ; Documentary, cinema, sports and carton for your children. get it IPTV France m3u here : https://www.technicalforweb.com/2017/03/31/gratuit-iptv-m3u-france-canaux/ Get Sports iptv from here...
  3. F

    El Clasico, watch it from you PC for free through IPTV M3U

    Hi fellas, in this short article, i will guide you through a tutorial on how to watch sport channels from your computer through VLC MEDIA. 1, download and install vlc media 2, download IPTV FILE from here ( The download button is at the end of the article) 3, once the download is finished...
  4. Almighty Jambon

    Smart STB. iptv

    Anyone using smart stb having problems? Mine has gone into demo mode. Can’t log into my account or get a reply from smart stb.net Have recently paid them about £25 for membership aswell Any recommendation for similar but better app? Thanks
  5. J

    Wooshbuild on TM5402

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if you can install wooshbuild on the technomate? I have a friend that has the box and I am trying to point him in the right direction regarding IPTV. As he lives far away I cannot just go and have a play. Any help would be most welcome. Lee
  6. W

    Iptv quality

    with this issues with vermin i am interested in iptv. I have it set up on xc plugin and noticed football on it just doesnt look right. Just not smooth have seen a few other people and its worse than watching sd on a large screen tv. Whats the issue with this?
  7. Blizzard17

    Zgemma H2s - Issues with Bouquets

    Hi After trying endless things I seem to have figured out how to hide the old categories (Gift Bouquets) like Entertainment,Sport,Movies,Music ext... My main idea was to just display the IPTV categorys...Now I have had a shout out few months ago and tried everyones ideas but non of them...
  8. N

    ET9500 HD Xtrend and wooshbuild

    Hi all, I've been going through various pages on here trying to work out if this is plausible? I currently run wooshbuild on My zgemma h2s which tbh I am extremely happy with and wanted to set up My farther-inlaw's but he is running an xtrend et 9200 or et9500 I believe? I have found woosh for...
  9. A

    smart iptv(firestick) vs mag 254

    Hi, I currently have a IPTV provider and am relatively pleased with the quality i get. I am just debating whether to buy a mag 254 or a actual iptv box and transfer across to that. My current smart iptv app is using Amazons fire stick and is using wifi. I dont like the odd disconnection and the...
  10. W

    Ip.tv plugin

    Hi looking for the link to the ip.tv plguing for movies and that on the zgemmas. Had it on a Few boxes but cant find it in the plugin list on my new box. If anyone has a link for the apk file that would be great thanks
  11. H

    Where to find IPTV m3u line for Openbox v8s

    I want to know where I can find IPTV m3u for Openbox v8s. I tired one on my Openbox but it didn't work, It just had a black screen with 0 kbps on the side. I tried everywhere. Where do these people get IPTV from?
  12. D

    Crashing ZGemma box

    Hi all, Had my Zgemma box off for 6 weeks and when I turned it on it had lost all of the ip the bouquets and I couldn't bring them back. Tried to update the box software and not it sits in a boot loop and the numbers on on box go up to 57 and then back down to 0 and boot fails with nothing...
  13. U

    Android box with stb/perfect player or MAG BOX 254 for IPTV.

    Which is better an android box with stm emu or perfect player or a mag box 254 for iptv. Mag boxes are made for iptv but android box has more features. Which would you recommend.
  14. F

    IPTV beINSport M3u list AND ALL SPORTS Channels 23/07/2017

    Download it from here: http://www.technicalforweb.com Get in the website, Click on download and enjoy watching Sport channels
  15. U

    Mag box or Zgemma h2h?

    Hello, I don't know which box to buy as Im wanting to watch all uk channels with epg and this can be done on both boxes. Currently I was thinking of buying mag box but some reviews I have read that iptv buffers alot etc. However, they say if you want to avoid that then buy cable box. So I just...
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  18. F

    IPTV Sport Channls M3u Playlist 16/07/2017

    Iptv sport channels M3u Playlist can be used on programs as VLC Media, Smart TVs. And / or any other device that supports m3u files. Get it from here: http://www.technicalforweb.com
  19. F

    Fresh IPTV BEIN Sport m3u platlist + other Sport channels

    Download IPTV beINSport FROM HERE -->Download Link