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  1. E

    LTQ App not Connecting to Server

    I have a subscription for LTQ on my Fire Stick and I went to switch it on the other day and it now won't work and says "cannot connect to server". Is there any way I can fix this problem?
  2. F

    New Iptv Bein Sports m3u playlist [free download]

    New iptv m3u bein sport is now available for free, download it from here : http://www.technicalforweb.com
  3. Dazzo1971

    Iptv sub

    I don't know how to go about this but I would like to give a shout out to 1sly.He restored my faith in humanity after jumping in at the deep end and getting a 12 Month £80 sub which lasted 3 week. He helped with all the setting up of my new line, going above and beyond what I expected from...
  4. P

    Free Iptv app

    Not sure if I can post links to the app on here so I will just post link to the YouTube video. I can confirm this works very well on phone and tablet and I will transfer to firestick shortly and report back if that works..... enjoy. I found app on Google didn't try the play store. If you...
  5. G

    ET7500 HD How the xtrend et 7500

    Looking to use this box for freesat and iptv how it compare to zgemma h2s My current box Also if I pit vix on it is it easy to load the freesat or sky skins
  6. G

    ET7500 HD How the xtrend et 7500

    Looking to use this box for freesat and iptv how it compare to zgemma h2s My current box Also if I pit vix on it is it easy to load the freesat or sky skins
  7. D

    Duplicate post, sorry.

    Duplicate post, sorry.
  8. D

    Changing IPTV provider (Smart IPTV)

    I obtained a sub for IPTV earlier this week just to try it out really and run it through Smart IPTV on a FireTV. The problem is that the provider's service is a bit crap. The channels that are on there work mostly, including the HD ones, but there are no channel groups, some channels are...
  9. J

    Hi - Im looking for a decent IPTV sub for Kodi.

    Hi I am looking for a decent IPTV sub for kodi please - test line required initially. thanks
  10. D

    IPTV Help Mag Box

    Ok, shoot me down now for not doing enough research etc etc but I'm really struggling to get my head round the best IPTV box and set up!! E.g. Everyone talks about the new mag 256 which seems to be the one to have (unless advised otherwise) but I'm still not understanding how the epg works on...
  11. A

    IPTV guide

    Hi please see below my guide to iptv may be of use to those looking for an alternative with channels going dark on enogma.
  12. mike123

    A Simple Guide To IPTV

    A Simple Guide To IPTV Hardware Requirements Unlike Sat or Cable the hardware is quite cheap to buy. An example of stuff to buy. · MX box if you want a wired connection. · Mag box · Amazon Firestick · You can use your Enigma 2 sat box, although they are not very...
  13. gary27

    How to sort IPTV and sub

    Hi all I have a venton unibox and as sly channels are going one by one someone told me about IPTV channels. So how do I go about sorting this and whats the cost of sub for this...(I'm looking on rouge gallery) before I would pay for a sub......... Any help would be great cheers all
  14. G

    Switching to IPTV , what box should i buy?

    Hi all , i am gonna move over to IPTV following the well publicised problems with satboxes at the moment. What box for IPTV do you recommend people get and why ? Thanks for any help ! Cheers
  15. C


    Hi Can anyone help I have a mini amiko spiel & thinking of moving from a Sat line to IPTV I not sure how to or install IPTV player for example "Perfect Player" on the Amiko any help would be grateful, if i cannot install player on the amiko I have a smart tv, got a trial 1 year ago , noticed...
  16. M

    Good Help and advice please on IPTV

    Hello, People, I'm looking for some good decent advice if possible, please. I need to have advice on how to install IPTV when you don't have the device with you and is somewhere else in the country. I'm trying to install it on a zgemma and I have access to a panel but unfortunately, the lad I...
  17. C

    Using Iptv on multiple devices

    I was wondering if you can use Iptv on multiple devices at the same time. I have it installed on 2 smart tv's. I wanted to put it on my zgemma h2s box too. However I heard that zgemma boxes are Mac locked to one device only or something... How true is that? And is that correct
  18. A

    Looking for stable IPTV

    Hi, I'm looking to get IPTV and just after some recommendations off others on the site! If you can PM me any good recommendations then I would be greatful. Thanks Matt
  19. S

    is iptv on openbox v8s possible

    hi, is it possible to get an iptv m3u line working on an openbox v8s, if so how do you do it if I got an m3u line off an iptv server what are the steps on putting it on an openbox v8s if its possible
  20. L

    Iptv for my LG tv

    I'm looking for a sub for my LG smart tv would prefer a test line first if possible thanks