A Simple Guide To IPTV


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A Simple Guide To IPTV

Hardware Requirements

Unlike Sat or Cable the hardware is quite cheap to buy. An example of stuff to buy.

· MX box if you want a wired connection.

· Mag box

· Amazon Firestick

· You can use your Enigma 2 sat box, although they are not very good in my experience as they are not designed for iptv.


You will need to add some software to your chosen device in order to connect to your server, here are some examples.

· Kodi

· Lazy IPTV

· Smart Iptv

· Iptv Player


Once you have chosen you service provider you just simply add the url supplied or upload the M3U file to your chosen software. To do this is normally self explanatory once you start the software.


You can easily add a EPG for your IPTV service I may do a TUT later just Google. It’s not that hard to find, it is normally a 24 hour epg and updated daily.

Benefits of IPTV

· More Channels

· HD on the decent service providers

· No glitches

· It is not affected by the weather like sat

· Easy to setup


· It is more expensive than sat or cable for a decent server

· You will need good constant internet speeds I recommend at least 8 – 10 meg

· HD is normally not quite as sharp


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What a great posting mr mike,Lots of work to be done on the epg side yet,I have a nice little fix but still working on it,Thanks moshi