1. Boldguy

    Streaming IPTV with EE supplier? uk

    Good evening can I ask is ee safe to use on OTHER streaming means ee use bt this is why I am asking as virmin and sly. Thank you
  2. j4v3d

    Broadband Virgin Media Broadband - Price Changes

    Hello, I received this email from Virgin Media about my broadband, the contract finishes next month and the price change is just yikes! It seems like there are many that have got this email and the price change varies. So make sure you check when your contract runs out and either haggle for...
  3. P

    Buffering on Firestick.

    I am getting buffering on both my 4k firesticks as part of multiroom setup. My service provider blames the ISP and I have done all the normal things like reboot the router/ firestick etc. I use other devices (laptops , phones) which don't seem to have a problem with the network and would like...
  4. D

    IPTV Able to watch all countries except for any USA channels

    Hi all, I have an android TV with an IPTV app directly on the TV. The main channels that i would watch from my IPTV subscriber are the Irish, UK and USA channels. All was working fine for the last 2 years until about a week ago. One evening last week i changed channel to USA movies which i...
  5. gosnis

    Do you use an IPTV service and a VPN with your ISP OK?

    Do you use an IPTV service and a VPN with your ISP OK? My ISP is throttling my streams and blocking VPN servers. Looking for a fix.
  6. S

    Mag-322 Better alternative to MAG box?

    Hi everyone, I was just about to buy a MAG322 off bay with 12 month sub. But after reading about the blocking I am not sure. Is there a better alternative? The seller also had a TVIP Sbox 501 which he recommended but i cant find much info on this. ISP is vermin. Thanks
  7. HappyHotspur

    Pixilating, stuttering and jumping when watching catch-up TV with iptv

    I am getting a lot of [ixilating, stuttering and jumping when watching catch-up TV with my current iptv provider that I did not get with my previous provider Am using a Mag256 box and this box when i leave it in standby then go to use it again all that happens is that the box continually loads...
  8. j4v3d

    Hyperoptic raises £100 million to bring 1Gbps fibre to millions of homes

    Hyperoptic, which is now claiming to be the UK's largest gigabit FTTP ISP, has secured an investment of £100 million to accelerate the expansion of its network. 350,000 homes and businesses can sign up for Hyperoptic, which offers symmetrical 1Gbps Internet connectivity for about £60 per month...