1. K

    Goes Off

    Hi All, Has anyone had an issue where Iptv would go off when the Football match starts like premier league game or most recently the final. Lower league Football matches are fine or most recently Friendlies matches. My iptv service works great it is one of the best I tested but for some...
  2. cactikid

    Laptop on query

    Odd issue as when i hit the power button my usb fed led comes on but not the screen and have to hold button down to power off. Powering on again i might hold button down longer and system boots up and light comes on. It is in use for long periods during the day so unsure what might be...
  3. N

    STBemu issue when switching channels. Any fix?

    Hi. When I switch channels, some of them don't switch the picture (shows previous channel), then if I wait a bit longer it switches the picture and starts glitching - goes from one channel to another in like 10sec. periods. If I switch channels slowly from one to another - specific channels...
  4. gosnis

    IPTV Issue – HDMI Glitch When Changing to Certain Channels – Zgemma H2H - Grogbuild FreeRange

    Have a strange issue here. I just tried a paid IPTV feed, but when I change to certain channels (it’s actually a high percentage of them too), my TV acts like the set top box has just been reconnected. It’s like the video out disconnects for a slight moment just before the stream starts. This...
  5. B

    Skybox F5 Ethernet (Scrambled) issue

    Hello guys. I just got an old Skybox F5 and i think there's an ethernet problem with it. I connected the ethernet cable (that is working on other device), then i select DHCP on, activate ethernet, then restart it. When i restart it and try to open a channel it says 'Scrambled'. If i try to open...
  6. S

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 Set up issue

    Hi, some help needed if possible. just got a new ET8500 pre loaded with openvix, 1 sat tuner 1 cable. as i have cable in my house, i set it so the c tuner is only connected. have go through this set up Guide How set up an E2 combo box with vix image but when i scan i am getting no channels, i...
  7. S

    ET 8000 HD recording issue,

    i have just updated my box to a new image. all seemed fine until i tried to recorded onto my internal hdd. prior to the new image Openvix 5 1 013 Release Et8000. prior to the new image i had no issues at all recording, when i attempt to record now it appears to be recording as normal but...
  8. C

    Mag256 recording issue

    Has anyone solved the recording issue on mag256, pls help. It works on freeview channels for 20-30 seconds and stops. Can't record non-freeview channels as it says 'recording this channel is forbidden'. Provider says they don't prevent recording. VERY FRUSTRATING Which other boxes are...
  9. R

    Audio Description zgemma - star

    I seem to have audio description on some of my channels. How can you switch this off?
  10. 150653066906670547248


    The smudge I was referring to
  11. Spike Problem

    Spike Problem

    the british Spike channel is a simulcast of the American channel Spike
  12. J

    TM-Nano-SE Plus GUI Missing?

    I have an issue with a nano-se plus box where after being turned back on from standby (after a length of time i.e. overnight) the GUI disappears. Now switching the box off and back on doesn't recreate the issue, it seems to be after it being off for a good length of time. What I mean by GUI...
  13. Luffy

    Box wont boot or flash new image, got a blue screen

    Hi, I attempted to change my splash, but now my box won't boot or flash an image. It just shows this screen. Please can someone help me? Thanks, Luffy
  14. Luffy

    Cable interference to my satellite only channels

    Hey, I recently picked up a "Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS". Through these last 5 days, I've been experiencing issues with my satellite only channels (my box has a single DVB-S and Twin DVB-C tuner). Everytime I try and watch a satellite only channel, the picture becomes distorted. However the...
  15. G

    webpage adds

    Hi I have an issue with Internet explorer. When I go on some sites including this one I get a web page pop up saying warning with blue screen saying I have to ring Microsoft I know its a scam but does anyone know how to stop this thanks (also explorer add block is enabled)
  16. D

    Channels not working.

    Hi all. I have an Edision Os Mini, I've been using this guide to set the box up for cable (the box only does cable..not Sly), theres a few settings which don't make it clear (for me anyways), like where...