IPTV Issue – HDMI Glitch When Changing to Certain Channels – Zgemma H2H - Grogbuild FreeRange


Have a strange issue here.

I just tried a paid IPTV feed, but when I change to certain channels (it’s actually a high percentage of them too), my TV acts like the set top box has just been reconnected.

It’s like the video out disconnects for a slight moment just before the stream starts.

This is very annoying as the TV screen goes black, then the HMDI connection message pops on the screen over the channel that’s just loaded.

It only affects certain random channels, put always the same ones, and as far as I can tell there is no pattern as to the type of channel it is (SD,HD,FHD,UHD).

The IPTV service uses Xtream Editor, service type set to EXTPLAYER (5002) and with ServiceApp.

Any ideas anyone??


TK Veteran
I had a similar issue the other day with a Zgemma h2s it would boot get to channel 49 on the LCD display then lose connection to the tv, out of 10+ times restarting the box it booted twice and had the same issue as yours.
As simple as it sounds I used a different HDMI cable and it has not happened since.


yes you have video settings on the box to multi (its what i use as it gives the best stream) but it does what you say,the tv is changing from say 50 to 60htz