1. S

    is iptv on openbox v8s possible

    hi, is it possible to get an iptv m3u line working on an openbox v8s, if so how do you do it if I got an m3u line off an iptv server what are the steps on putting it on an openbox v8s if its possible
  2. P

    EPG on Kodi using Android box?

    I've got my m3u file downloaded and working using the pvr iptv simple client. I have a xml link for the epg but not sure on this part. Do I just leave the setting as remote path (internet access) and enter the xml link I have? I've tried this but the guide stays blank. Any help appreciated, thanks
  3. dt99

    Idiot's guide to IPTV on H2s

    Hi, I am looking at adding an IPTV subscription to my H2s running Wooshbuild. Can anyone direct me to a basic guide on how to do this, I will have an m3u file (whatever that means) I am looking to find out how to add IPTV, how to add the streams to my EPG, how to record etc No idea what I am...
  4. Leigh77

    epg url for perfect player??

    hi guys im new to iptv but i got a m3u url which i use on Perfect player on my android player but i cant seem to get the epg working. is there a general url i can use?
  5. G

    sub iptv, can i get epg on hs2

    I have a test line from a provider, the channels work great, all channels show in one section of the epg, however other than the channel name there is no guide data, there are probably nearly 2000 channels, from all over the world, so without a guide its almost imposible to find something to...
  6. C

    Create IPTV Bouquet

    Hi there I have a IPTV subscription (.m3u file) which works fine in TSMedia. I would like to be able to watch IPTV natively within the Enigma box with EPG. I have seen a few old threads that suggest options but they seem quite convoluted. I was hoping that as time has progressed a simple...
  7. S

    Iptv on ZGemma h2s

    Quick question for anyone with iptv on there ZGemma can you record channels the same way as you can from satellite?
  8. superdod

    iptv on zgemma H.S2 or on LG iptv app

    Looking to get into the IPTV thing , Had cline running on my zgemma H.2s . Looking for some advice on wether to use my smart Tv's or to run through my zgemma . Also advice on set up M3U etc
  9. H

    help mae if you can Mu3 hile and epg xml

    Hi everyone I have got a zegemma h2s, I got a nice free sub and I got a m3u file download and a epg download what comes as a text file, I have used echannelizer to open m3u and to create folders and done my best to put channels into right sections, but as to the epg I have not got a clue what...
  10. L

    advice on a mag box

    hi im looking into buying a mag box, currently have 2 x z gemma and also a good kodi iptv sub but they don't provide m3u lists so i use another kodi epg addon to link with but its not ideal for main tv i just use it for the sports and kids rooms. i am thinking of replacing my zgemma in the...
  11. J


    Is it even possible to get an invite for Infusum or are they the stuff of legend? Heard great things about it but of course it's now invite only.