advice on a mag box



im looking into buying a mag box, currently have 2 x z gemma and also a good kodi iptv sub but they don't provide m3u lists so i use another kodi epg addon to link with but its not ideal for main tv i just use it for the sports and kids rooms.

i am thinking of replacing my zgemma in the main room for a mag box but wondering what they are actually like compared to a zgemma, i know how they all work etc but not sure what the channel guide is like and can you record/pause/rewind live streams and can you arrange the channel list to kind of match zgemma, ie bbc1 channel 1, sky one channel 6 etc

i need it to be as close to a sly/zgemma box as possible so my other half can work it as shes not to clever with things like this

any info would be appreciated



Hi mate they are not like a zgemma i have a zgemma dual tunner as well as a mag254 box i have only had the mag for a week or so its very fast to load . from the couple of test lines i have tryd 1 had a good epg guide the other was very poor with a lot of pic breaking up. and the price of a line differs a lot i foud the cheapest poor value for what they where asking.
If u don't mind emmerdale, could u pm me where u get your iptv subs from as I'm struggling a bit. Cheers

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