1. cactikid

    music streaming query

    Query setting up new pc and sound blaster x3 i do the speaker test and sounds from all speakers + sub yet if i go to play from You tube i only get source from front 3 speakers and sub and only a hiss on rear speakers :mask: :mask: :mask: :coldsweat:. Plugged into old pc and its the same and...
  2. John Smallwood

    Multi line

    Hello can you put 2 different Stream from different provides on the zgemma H.2S box The Reason been is in case on provider goes down i have a back up of provider on box if this is possible would you do it though xtream editor or an other process thanks
  3. gosnis

    IPTV Issue – HDMI Glitch When Changing to Certain Channels – Zgemma H2H - Grogbuild FreeRange

    Have a strange issue here. I just tried a paid IPTV feed, but when I change to certain channels (it’s actually a high percentage of them too), my TV acts like the set top box has just been reconnected. It’s like the video out disconnects for a slight moment just before the stream starts. This...
  4. J

    Virgin Media Multi Room - Homebrew Solution

    If I have a legit VM subscription, are there any options to provide my own Multi Room solution? As I read it, VM boxes use (i.e. are licensed) Tivo boxes. These are the only Tivo boxes available in the UK, you cannot buy them directly anymore. Tivo boxes can use an ethernet network to stream...
  5. Halopenos

    Dish set up

    I am looking to get a multi LNB set up installed for football and was wondering what are the 3 best sats to choose, I have 28.2e, 16e and what last one should I choose for football? Basically what is the best for premier league, la liga, champions league etc? 19.2?
  6. D

    OTHER Man cave / summer room football watching

    I have a xtrend 8500 dual tuner cable box in my front room with the virmin broadband router and a additional TiVo box in the back room. The xtrend is a great bit of kit and I have never had any issues with it for almost a year with help from the people on this site.. Having my garage / workshop...
  7. R

    Anybody know how to listen to Spotify Premium simultaneously?

    Hi, I've recently purchased spotify premium. I've noticed that if im listening to music on my iphone and my girlfriend would start listening on her phone my streaming would stop and a message would appear saying listening to spotify on another device. I know you can make a playlist and listen...
  8. M

    ABM questions Multi Sat Feeds

    Hi all, Decided to try and cut down on the number of receivers we have and run both UK freesat and Turkish (42.E) through one ZGemmma Box (running whooshbuild) I've connected the turkish feed to tuner B, disconnected the lnb in line and left the tuner A in. Set up and did a manual scan on...
  9. C

    Using Iptv on multiple devices

    I was wondering if you can use Iptv on multiple devices at the same time. I have it installed on 2 smart tv's. I wanted to put it on my zgemma h2s box too. However I heard that zgemma boxes are Mac locked to one device only or something... How true is that? And is that correct
  10. D

    2 x v8s

    hi, Got 2x v8s with 4 line multi subscription. 1 clears just fine and server say online. Other now says off line and won't clear.. Internet etc just fine. Had problem on and off for couple of days!