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  1. cindystevens

    How to Cinema HD show not working?

    Hi guys, - Lately I've been having a bit of a problem with the Cinema HD app on platforms like Kodi, Android box and firestick, the app that often notices not working. But that phenomenon does not occur on my android phone. Can someone who has encountered this problem have a workaround that can...
  2. C

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER No LCD screen

    hi all Switched me box on today and not getting anything on the LCD screen box is working fine just nothing on the LCD. Any help appreciated fellas.
  3. N

    nline channels not working any more. I have tried a new c line but still no joy

    Hi, i was using a N-line on me zgemma hs2 but channels not working any more (due to run out in Sept). I have tried a new C-line but still no joy still the same issue. I have a amiko in the other room and this too switched of at the same time. This to was a separate N-line but from the same...
  4. StayReady

    Xtream editor no code?

    Hi all, is it possible that isps are blocking xtream editor? I had a trial from someone recently and all went well so I went to purchase the sub last night but there's no code coming up on my xtream app? I tried resetting the configuration and deleting and reinstalling but no joy? I'm with...
  5. W

    Channels black except 1-5

    hi woke up today to all channels not clearing except 1-5 . If this happens normally a restart fixes it. Have done that and a router reset and still all black waiting on a reply from my provider. Any ideas what it could be my internet and boxes seem fine as there still running my iptv. Any help...
  6. I

    gigablue openatv mgcamd_135a help

    Hi all, I just cannot seem to get my mgcamd working with my n line, it was working last night however when i restarted the box its now not working, i have checked all tjhe guides and edited the files correctly please can someone help I am just getting no ecm info found below is the...
  7. 8valia

    ZGEMMA H2H Not working on vermin

    Hi, My mate has bought a zgemma h2h and it keeps and glitching every 10 seconds. The same box I tried at my house and it works fine. It's using a vermin line and he has vermin tv package which works fine. Images attached are the information when from the vermin ti*o box. Does anyone know why...
  8. D

    IPTV problem - video and audio not displaying properly

    I have a Zgemma box set up for IPTV. It was originally running Xtream through a plugin. Unfortunately, it didnt work so well. When you chose a channel, teh vidoe woudl burst for a second or with the audio coming through and then the screen would go black and the audio would be distorted...
  9. L

    Wooshbuild and IPTV Trouble

    Hi guys, A few times now my IPTV has frozen on my zgemma box, when i have changed the channels it has been just a black screen. Then that is the same for all channels. I tried rebooting it, on and off with the modem, changing skins and everything else. It come back on after about 3 hours. Ive...
  10. 8valia

    Sky sports HD on vm line not working

    Hi guys, I am getting a blank screen on all sly sports HD channels but Beetee sports HD works. Any idea what's going on ? This is on even a sly line but a vermin line
  11. T

    Internet keeps disconnecting when boxes are connected to network

    Hope you can help me out here I've got an issue my boxes and everything where working fine recently and my virmin broadband was working perfectly but recently it stopped working. 1 day my boxes and the internet with virmin where working perfectly and after a couple of days my internet went off...
  12. W

    No boot after update

    Hi Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem. When I update my Zgemma H.2S it restarts but does not boot. I have to keep reflashing it to get it back up and running.
  13. shaundc5

    LAN port doesnt seem to work???

    Hi guys im new here but i was wondering if you can help me, i have a H2S and LAN cable wouldnt display an IP address even when i tried static assigning one. I have tried multiple cables all wont work with it. i tried to reflash with wooshbuild but stuck on the screen please connect to the...
  14. D

    Upgrade By Network Channel List Update V8s

    Hi All, I've just gone to upgrade the channel list via upgrade by network on my v8s to solve the current missing channel issue and lost all channels after update! I know line is ok as have same one upstairs working fine. Any ideas?