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  1. S

    Am I getting the best resolution I can get?

    I find the Video settings very confusing in Openatv 7.3. I have a 4k, LG tv with HDMI 2.0a... and a 4k Octagon sf8008. When I watch some 4k IPTV sport or whatever, I see the video content coming in is 4k but output is "video mode 1080p". When I put on a 4k IPTV stream my tv will switch to HDR...
  2. Yorkshirejok

    GrogBuild Openatv 6.4 v 7

    Hi, Does anyone know of a guide or website which explains the differences, benefits and negative (if any) between Openatv 6 and 7? Many thanks
  3. C

    Octagon SF8008 Tuner Hardware of Software Issue? 100s of Issues

    Apologies for the length of the post but I guess I needed it to explain the issue. I connected Octagon SF8008 with OpenATV 6.4 and Grogbuild to my Sky cable and tried to tune and scan Sky free view channels and it kept on bringing 25 channels back regardless of whatsoever I did to resolve the...
  4. J

    Where to download

    hi any link where i can download lastest openatv for zgemma and dm900hd
  5. F

    Backup Image File for Zgemma H5 (OpenATV 6.2.0 (27/01/2019)

    Backup Image File for Zgemma H5 with latest Skin & Softcam. System OE: OE-Alliance 4.2 Firmware version: OpenATV 6.2.0 (2019-01-27) Kernel / Drivers: 4.10.12 / 20180830
  6. S

    Zgemma h2s

    Hi, new to this so bear with me. I have a zgemma h2s running open atv 6.2 newly installed just before Christmas. The shop told me not to download any updates as this will mess it up. Box is showing 144 updates available. Why should I not download them. Thanks
  7. O


    Hello, OpenATV 6.2 Latest Version comes with Softcam Panel built-in or I need to install it manual from plugins menu ? If there is any better alternative way please tell ! Thanks,
  8. A

    HD channel no audio option showing H3.2tc

    Hi I have a H3.2tc on Openatv 6.0 with whooshbuild infinity on it, running VM HD+ skin. One one of the HD (Asian channel Sony MAX HD) channel is getting video but no sound. Going into the select audio track menu it doesn't show the audio channel option (yellow button), only the AC3 Downmix...
  9. rpidemon

    Guide Enigma 2 IPTV Setup Guide

    INTRODUCTION A guide to help people setting up IPTV and movie viewing on new or none working Enigma 2 device. A lot of people seem to be having bother getting things running smoothly when it comes to IPTV weather it be on here or elsewhere there are plenty of complaints and unhappy users, people...
  10. D

    OSCam issues

    Hi, I previously had this issue with running n-lines, however I changed to cws - lines and had no issues until today. Before when I was running N-Lines via the newcamd protocol on Oscam viewing was okay but recording programmes sent the log in a spiral of "not found"s' That's when I tried...
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