1. K

    TV Screen Technology

    Hi, Does anyone know if low budget tv (TCL or Hisense) with screen technology qled or mini-led is better is terms of clarity instead of premium brand (Sony or LG) but LED technology. OLED TV's are too expensive so I don't consider getting one. The TV will be mainly used to watch football and...
  2. C

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER No LCD screen

    hi all Switched me box on today and not getting anything on the LCD screen box is working fine just nothing on the LCD. Any help appreciated fellas.
  3. adamrt

    Touch Screen Has Stopped Working

    Hi, I have a Latitude 3540 and the touch screen has stopped working, anyone know how to sort this?
  4. dsayers2014

    Taking screen shots and uploading attachments to the forum

    Using OpenWebif to take a screenshot 1. Find out the receiver's IP address by pressing/selecting on your remote: Menu > Information > Network 2. Open your web browser on PC. In the address/search bar, input/type the receiver's IP address 3. Click on Grab screenshot 4. Right click on the...
  5. Andy Mcd

    Boot Logos, Screens

    Bit of fun what boot screens logos do we all have :)
  6. W

    Blue Screen Upgrading Whooshbuild

    hi, I now it's probably a simple answer but when I'm trying to upgrade my version of whooshbuild I'm getting a blue error screen. Any help guys. Thanks.
  7. jolly3434

    Windows 10 how to fix win10 blue screen error unbootable drive

    how to fix win10 blue screen error unbootable drive anyone know how or what i need to do to stop this happening? its happen twice in a month, couldnt get win10 to boot just kept relooping saying win10 had a problem and had to shut down. after searching how to try and get win10 to boot i...