1. D

    After Installing Zgemma H5 broadband WiFi playing up & getting freezing & stuttering in Zgemaa

    After Installing Zgemma H5 broadband WiFi playing up & getting freezing & stuttering in Zgemaa. My Virmin cable is coming in the building then getting split to upstairs &' downstairs then in downstairs getting split up into modem & cable box, I wanted to keep my Virmin box working as well as...
  2. chenks

    HDMI CEC control with HDMI splitter

    so i've got a bit of a conundrum here. in my living room i have a Sony TV and a Zgemma set top box. HDMI CEC is enabled and i can control the Zgemma box using the Sony TV remote - all works fine. i have a TV in another room and the plan was to use an HDMI splitter along with HDMI over ethernet...
  3. N

    Cable Adding a second splitter to Tuner C

    I have recently purchased a H7C and I am currently running a coax from the white box at the wall in to a splitter and then 2 cables from the splitter to my router and then Tuner B. Could I run a second splitter so I can have a cable in to Tuner C so I can record a channel and watch another?
  4. Willo3092

    Setup with unicable feed + standard diseqc feed

  5. P

    Internet drops when using splitter

    Hi All My Vermin has started dropping when I split the line. I have never had an issue in over 3 years.. I thought it was the splitter so I bought a new one the issue was fine for an hour and now it's stopped again.. Vermin has sent me a new router still the same.. any ideas?? I got an...
  6. Apeman

    Are My Cables Set Up Correctly Please??

    Hi, I've been a member for sometime, but I'm by no means as clued up as most of you here when it comes to these digital receivers. Bangord is my main man and been an absolute star and right now we're struggling with my initial set up. I have the VM splitter and an attenuator in the back of my...
  7. Black-Panther

    How To Setup Zgemma H5.2TC?

    Hello guys, new to this forum and enjoying some of the value one here. I searched around and couldn't find the specific answer to this which matches my situation. I have a VM broadband but I used to have a satellite tv (sky), so therefore I don't have the specific cable wires to just plug and...
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  10. Sher

    One channel pixelated

    So I got vm cable to work on my VU+ box and everything works fine except Sky Movies Action which is heavily pixelated. All other channels work fine. What I have tried: Different splitter same issue Different cables same issue Different providers same issue Checked all connections connected...