tuner failed

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    Octagon SF8008 Tuner Hardware of Software Issue? 100s of Issues

    Apologies for the length of the post but I guess I needed it to explain the issue. I connected Octagon SF8008 with OpenATV 6.4 and Grogbuild to my Sky cable and tried to tune and scan Sky free view channels and it kept on bringing 25 channels back regardless of whatsoever I did to resolve the...
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    Temporary Tuner Fix for those that have lost everything

    after being on the phone to zgemma till after 1 this morning i can confirm it is not build or image. If your are getting the tuner error DO NOT FLASH YOUR BOX YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. if you have flashed your box and lost everything the only way to get the channels back at the minute is to get...
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    Tuner failed message when running ABM

    Hi all, I have got VU Solo2 running latest BH image. I am using VU USB Turbo tuner to watch cable channels. I am getting Tuner failed error when I am running it, yes I am running while watching a Cable channel (BBC News). I can watch all the vermin channels from scanned result (list), even...
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    tuner failed. please help badly stuck zgemma sky and vm setup

    Hello all, new to the forum. So I have a zgemma star H1, capable of sky and vm I believe? So have been given a 'gift' which supports sky and virgin media. Firstly I couldn't scan for sky channels at my house so I took the box to my brothers. Found 587 in to autobouqets maker. Couldn't test the...