1. GaryBhoy91

    Virmin Down On Zgemma

    Looking for any info you guys have on Virmin being down on Zgemma, been down last couple of days and supplier has said they've heard that some boxes may need a update to a different build Anyone know of this problem and know how to solve it? Cheers
  2. T

    Noob needs help... ZGemma H2H SID not found in PAT

    Hi everyone, sorry to be an idiot but i am new to Zgemma boxes and have only used Kodi/android boxes in the past. I took the leap and bought a box which was preinstalled with a Vix sky image but i have been having problems setting it up? I live in a place near Liverpool called the Wirral, i...
  3. S

    Zgemma H2H with Grobuild freerange not working

    Hi all, I have a zgemma H2H with Grogbuild freerange and a virmin line all working absolutely fine. A friend of mine wanted to have the same so he bought a h2h box and gave it to me to set up at my house. I tried a few builds etc but just never got it working right so last night I reflashed...
  4. A

    Vm nline pre-requisotes

    I have an active vm broadband line with a splitter to connect to the tv box aswell. I have cancelled the tv package. My question is - do I need to be paying for some form of tv package so the nline can be used on a dvb-c receiver? In other words is just having a broadband package enough?
  5. D


    Hi everyone I have virmin line all channels OK apart from sly sports football main event n some docs are down etc sly sports news OK are virmin doing something to the lines with the new v6 switch over
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  8. B

    Autobouquets only finds black channels on virmin

    Using OpenATV 6.1 on ipab 1.3.6 with the Zgemma Star 2S Autobouquets runs populate and finds 400 channels but they are all black. ipab1 by bignellrp posted Dec 5, 2017 at 10:25 AM If you use the manual service scan the channels are found and they work. ipab2 by bignellrp posted Dec 5, 2017...
  9. ipab1


  10. M

    How to get channels in order of VM

    Hello People this has probably been asked before but what is the easiest way to put the channels in order of vm please? Need to have the numbers and channels in order ;-) It's on the ipad tv setup. Thanks in advance
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  13. amazon mike

    Need help with H2H Set up _ Belfast

    Hey guys I'm in need of some help with an issue zgemma h2h with just virmin everything running fine until yesterday now only bbc1, UTV and virmin preview are coming through every other channel is black and sometimes 70-80% black and pixelated. ive now tried the box in 3 different houses with...
  14. 8valia

    Box is showing all channels in 3d

    Hi, I must have pressed something by accident on the remote and now all channels are in 3D lol. Anyone know how to put it back to normal?
  15. n1cks21

    Zgemma-Star H.2S to TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS Questions ?

    I have purchased a TM-Nano-SE, I currently have a zgemma and used openatv for over a year now so have decided to stick with it for the Nano, it arrives tomorrow and wanted to know if I backup all my settings on my zgemma could I restore them on my Nano? and I guess everything is the same apart...
  16. dt99

    Can anyone recommend a twin tuner cable box?

    Due to the potential issues with sly, I am considering getting a cable box, as I can get a virmin connection where I live. Can anyone recommend a twin tuner cable box, all I can seem to find is a 1 sat/1 cable box, but I want the ability to watch 1 cable channel and record another.
  17. T

    Internet keeps disconnecting when boxes are connected to network

    Hope you can help me out here I've got an issue my boxes and everything where working fine recently and my virmin broadband was working perfectly but recently it stopped working. 1 day my boxes and the internet with virmin where working perfectly and after a couple of days my internet went off...
  18. BeardedKing

    Advice on what cable box to buy

    Hi All, I currently have a Vu+ Solo2 but want to upgrade to a cable box as I want HD channels. This box runs at lightning speed so I'm looking for a similar box that is for cable. The Vu+ Duo 2 is waaaaaaay too expensive so does anyone have any tips on what to go for? I don't want a...
  19. C

    Vu duo 2 or Solo 2 virgin setup

    Hi guys, Im currently running sat turners in my vu boxes but fancy trying out the virgin side of things for the likes of HD etc, whats needed to run this is just a case of new turners, feed and line ? Thanks for any help!!