1. D

    Best VPN

    What VPN are you using?
  2. Prim@l


    Anyone taking a punt?? IPVanish Discount Offers, Black Friday Sales & Cashback Deals | TopCashback
  3. siilver

    Youtube Premium (Price Rise)

    Got an email from Youtube Premium (Turkey) about the prices rises starting 21st November. going from TRY 25.99 / £1.25 to TRY 59.99 / £2.88 for the family account
  4. J

    Vpn manager configs all being deleted

    Whenever i put all my configs into the enigma it deletes them off after a certain time doesnt matter where i place them, doesnt matter if its on the HDD or a folder on engima box memory anyone any ideas how to fix this, running willowbuild latest.
  5. Prim@l

    VPN Pro - Temporarily free @ Google Play

    VPN Pro - Pay once for life - Apps on Google Play Highlights of VPN Pro ✔️ All VPN servers FREE for lifetime. ✔️ No Subscription - No ads. ✔️ Unlimited: Truly unlimited. No session, speed or bandwidth limitations. ✔️ Simple: Unblock the world with just one touch of the “Connect” button. ✔️...
  6. Prim@l

    Surfshark 2 Year VPN Plan with Unlimited Devices £24.19 using code @ GameByte

    Surfshark 2 Year VPN Plan with Unlimited Devices £24.19 using code @ GameByte - hotukdeals
  7. adriankavanagh

    Zgemma H9S SE - ftp access and OpenVPN setup

    Hello all I've been getting the new H9S SE and having trouble setting up the vpn. I have been given a .ovpn file from my service provider. Anyone know what I need to do with it? I'm guessing I have to drop it into the etc/openvpn folder although I can't access the box with any ftp client as it...
  8. D

    IPTV Able to watch all countries except for any USA channels

    Hi all, I have an android TV with an IPTV app directly on the TV. The main channels that i would watch from my IPTV subscriber are the Irish, UK and USA channels. All was working fine for the last 2 years until about a week ago. One evening last week i changed channel to USA movies which i...
  9. S

    Are Sly blocking firestick devices for iptv?

    Hi Guys! new to the site..thought I’d join as I’ve got a bit of head scratcher that I want to get to the bottom of. I wondered if anyone has experienced sly blocking firesticks via wifi? (Sorry I’m not very up to date with the tech lingo) Thing is, even with the VPN on (Surfshark) the iptv is...
  10. Kaiserheidi

    Express vpn on zgemma

    Hi anyway of setting up express vpn on zgemma I have been told by my supplier for iptv that due to isps now have new way to block service so keep losing tv when football starts and nothing he can do about it Im on virmin Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  11. mike123

    Guide A Guide to IPTV.

    Boxes. My advice is always go for a android box with iptv. I would advise always go for a mid range well proven box. If you cannot afford that go for a firestick. reviews can be found here: Android Based Devices Reviews Suppliers This is the most difficult area basically you are advised to take...
  12. D

    VPN Installation For VU+ Duo2 Linux Enigma Receiver

    Hi All, My IPTV provider has advised me to install a VPN on my STB in order to reduce the frequency of some freezing channels. I currently use a VU+ Duo2 Linux Enigma Receiver STB and i have a Nord VPN subscription. Can i install any sort of VPN on this particular STB? If so, can someone send...
  13. T

    Surfshark / VPN Manager set up. (Help please)

    Good morning all. I'm hoping you can help me out with the set up of Surfshark VPN service with VPN Manager. I hate being beaten and I would much rather have discovered what ever it is that is causing my problems (It might be me !!!) but I also know when it is time to seek further help from...
  14. W

    Zgemma VPN Problems.

    Hi guys, I have a zgemma h9.2s I’ve hit a brick wall in regards to getting a vpn onto my box. I’m running whooshbuild infinity on there I’ve tried the digibit and xtream editor plugins to use as VPN’s and even tried a openvpn manager but every time my details are entered (I have a digibit &...
  15. B

    Iptv issues frying my brain

    So we all no there has been some issues lately, however will see if you have any ideas, I have a zgemma running latest openatv image open vpn using pia. Last night sports channels not working, however when I went on my phone app dream player they were working flawlessly, on WiFi but have no...
  16. dsayers2014

    Purevpn manager plugin 1.0.1

    Purevpn manager plugin. Here is an interesting purevpn manager plugin I've found With this plugin you have the possibility to use the VPN provider PureVPN on your box, only possible with a subscription of the provider. murxer wrote: Features: Configs are...
  17. W


    Hi guys looking for help. have a few subs and been getting issues. When a big match is on or soccer aid for example. Totally unwatchable. Flick a vpn on and its fine. My main sub doesnt except vpns. So looking to figure it what causes it. I use a formuler so i can see rhe buffer bars are empty...
  18. Dar1437

    VPNs logging

    Seven 'no log' VPN providers accused of leaking – yup, you guessed it – 1.2TB of user logs onto the internet
  19. basejumper

    Movie Companies Sue YTS Users, Including One Who Hid Behind a VPN

    Movie Companies Sue YTS Users, Including One Who Hid Behind a VPN - TorrentFreak
  20. pieeater2015

    Tools NordVPN Enigma2 OpenVPN Setup Plugin v0.4 V0.4

    VPN plugin for nord working well on old zgemma H1