1. L

    Satellite Missing Streams

    Hi guys, this might be an odd one but I'm confused and can't find anything online that'll answer my Q. I have a H7S running the latest OpenATV with Wooshbuild Infinity and am running IPTV via Xtream (which is also updated). Most of my IPTV runs well but oddly on the Zgemma all my BT Spts and...
  2. John Smallwood

    Multi line

    Hello can you put 2 different Stream from different provides on the zgemma H.2S box The Reason been is in case on provider goes down i have a back up of provider on box if this is possible would you do it though xtream editor or an other process thanks
  3. dsayers2014

    Restore deleted groups from xtream editor

    Hi guys I was playing around with extrem editor yesterday started a template and disabled some groups. I think I've deleted some groups by mistake, anyway to restore deleted groups without redoing a new template? Thanks.
  4. T

    XE-Catchup and VOD issue

    I have a zgemma h2h running on wooshbuild v7. Have IPTV through xtream editor which also has VOD and Catchup. When on VOD or Catchup and i try to pause or fast forward it always crashes showing a blue screen is there any fix or any configuration need doing. Your help will be really appreciated...
  5. StayReady

    Xtream editor no code?

    Hi all, is it possible that isps are blocking xtream editor? I had a trial from someone recently and all went well so I went to purchase the sub last night but there's no code coming up on my xtream app? I tried resetting the configuration and deleting and reinstalling but no joy? I'm with...
  6. M

    Xtream Catch Up

    Hi Guys, Currently I have 2 IPTV Subs from different providers and to make everything look neater and easier to use for my parents I combined them on my own private Xtream Editor subscription under the standard M3U list with the EPGs linked to the channels. I have now decided Id like to use the...
  7. M

    International EPG

    Hi, Currently I have 2 different IPTV subscriptions that I run on a Zgemma h2s. Both are setup to use Xtream Editor but I only setup the one subscription to use Xtream and add the 2nd subscription by downloading the m3u channel list and adding them manually to a backup bouquet via...
  8. W

    Iptv quality

    with this issues with vermin i am interested in iptv. I have it set up on xc plugin and noticed football on it just doesnt look right. Just not smooth have seen a few other people and its worse than watching sd on a large screen tv. Whats the issue with this?
  9. A

    Alternative to XtreamEditor for IPTV

    Hi, I'm currently using Extreme Editor 2.06 (and previously 2.05) and I've been having issues with alot of the channels pixelating (specially sport and kids programs) and freezing (especially when SkySports News cut to the adverts) so i have to up and down the channels to get it going again...