zgemma h.2h

  1. sharky235786

    Zgemma h2h cccam

    Hi having problem installing a Cline to my zegmma using it on a virgin line.
  2. thebulls

    missing sports channels after reflashing zgemma h2h

    Hi I have had to reflash my zgemma h2h and have lost all of sly sports channels any help would be great running the latest open vix
  3. J

    Few channels not working h2h

    Hi guys, I've had a zgemma h2h for a few months now most of my channels work without any problems. However a few premium and a few free channels glitch a lot or do not even work for a few minutes. Mainly Comedy extra, animal planet +1 , BT sport espn, good food hd, food network and itv+1. I've...
  4. K

    Zgemma SID not found in PAT

    Can anybody help me with this issue. I've got an H2h Zgemma box on vix build and on VM which my wifi and Ethernet is live and working but on my channel's it is saying; Service not found! (SID not found in PAT) what does it mean??? And how can I fix.
  5. Q

    H2H Tuning Fail Error

    I switched my box on today and no channels were working! I tried to do a scan to get the "tuning failed fatal". I then went onto signal finder to find that no virgin signal is being found/fed in. I tried using a different cable but still nothing. This doesn't make any sense as the virgin feed...
  6. Black-Panther

    H2H vs H5.2TC Picture Quality?

    Hey guys, I just ordered my Zgemma H5.2TC (was originally gonna get the H2H but I see the H5.2TC is the upgraded model). Just wondering if there's any difference whatsoever in terms of picture quality of the channels. For example, are HD channels better on one box than the other? Or are they...
  7. ellobee

    VM ROI Suppliers

    Can anyone from ROI tell me if there are still VM ROI suppliers out there and if so whats the service like and average price
  8. Black-Panther


    Hey all, Hope you're all well. New to this forum, 21 years of age and currently own a Zgemma i55 IPTV box running both Flawless and Armanda sub. This box is currently being used in the living room right next to the router, but I am going to move this into my bedroom upstairs (and make use of...
  9. C

    Timeshift and Recordings

    I keep getting a message about timeshift when I've been watching a channel for a while. Something along the lines of the timeshift isn't big enough and needs to be restarted. I've set the timeshift to 4 hours and also turned off warning messages but they still keep appearing. How do I resolve...
  10. C

    Channel Logos

    Does anyone know how I get the correct channel logos for all the channels? Some of my channels are displaying incorrect logos and embarrassingly the wrong logos are of adult channels. For example, Sky Sports Arena has the Playboy Channel logo. I'm also totally missing logos on some channels...
  11. K

    Zgemma H2H "cannot read data" error

    im trying to setup a test line on my Zgemma H2H with WooshBuild. i was sent a Cccam and a newcamd file. i have tried going through the install with both, but when i do autoBouquetsMaker and scan, it will not bring back any channels and i get the error "cannot read data". anyone any thoughts on...
  12. U

    Mag box or Zgemma h2h?

    Hello, I don't know which box to buy as Im wanting to watch all uk channels with epg and this can be done on both boxes. Currently I was thinking of buying mag box but some reviews I have read that iptv buffers alot etc. However, they say if you want to avoid that then buy cable box. So I just...
  13. C

    Red Power Light

    This is ready silly and my OCD kicking in but is there any way to change the red power light on the box to turn on when the box is on and turn off when it's off? I find the light being on when the box is in standby is just silly... or is that just me?
  14. C

    Deleted Bouquets Reappear After Daily Scan

    I deleted a lot of bouquets I didn't want using the following method: Press FAV on remote Find unwanted bouquet Press MENU Select Remove Entry Confirm Delete However, after the nightly scan, everything has returned back to how it was, even some of the bouquets I renamed have disappeared. How...
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  17. C

    Zgemma H.2H Install - VM, Sky and IPTV

    Hi all, this is my first post so sorry if it's in the wrong section. I had an Openbox with Sky but as we all know most Sky channels have stopped working on them. As football season is fast approaching I've ordered a Zgemma H.2H box and need some help with setting it up. I've bought the extras...