zgemma h2.h

  1. S

    Zgemma H2H with Grobuild freerange not working

    Hi all, I have a zgemma H2H with Grogbuild freerange and a virmin line all working absolutely fine. A friend of mine wanted to have the same so he bought a h2h box and gave it to me to set up at my house. I tried a few builds etc but just never got it working right so last night I reflashed...
  2. P

    New to zgemma and stuck

    Hi folks im new to zgemma, purchased a box with open vix on it off a friend which is terrible is there any way of deleting it off and starting again, iv put on wooshbuild using putty but open vix is still there, i can reflash as its not working with usb, all i want to do is add my iptv m3u file...
  3. A


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  4. Batley boy

    Zgemm H.2H,Password Protection

    Hi there, Now I have used the service for a week or so, I have noticed the Adult channels are very easy accessible and with young children about this could be very dangerous,can anybody advise me if it is possible to put some sort of a lock onto the Adult channel part of the list please...
  5. A


    Morning All Hope I'm finding you well? Just a quick thing on picons for VM Is anyone having trouble with picons in that they aren't all showing on Zgemma H.2H? I have the picon packs, all was working perfectly for almost a year but I guess as frequencies change the picons disappear. my issue...
  6. C


    Hi im aware there is an update to the epgimport extension and that is the reason why my epg is not working. I have tried updating by removing the plugin and downloading it again, but I still see the same epgimport version which is "epgimport (1.0+git134)", I am trying to update it to get the new...
  7. L

    Zgemma H.2h

    Hi Before I start I'm gunna be honest I'm pretty new with the Zgemmas and IPTV after a friend recommended it to me. I originally had IPTV running through Kodi on a Amazon Fire Stick which I had a M3u and a XMLTV (EPG) link and also on the computer through the Windows Store (Kodi). I purchased...
  8. t_t_2017

    Reccomend image for zgemma H2H VM

    First post on tech kings so big hello to all! I've recently purchased a Zgemma H2H to use on VM can anyone reccomend the best image for use - ive read through the forums but now more confused than I started lol Also a noob question some images require a SLY line connected - what the purpose...
  9. Q

    Cannot get any VM channels!!

    Hey folks, noob here. Setup seems okay, i have a cable running from my splitter into the H2H RF (via a coax plug to f socket adapter). I flashed the box with wooshbuild. Configured tuner b with my network id (tried both for birmingham) and then configured AutoBanquets provider as forums (only...
  10. Martinrobert

    Does dreamplayer app / vu+ app work on zgemma h2h

    Hi guys just wonderd if any knew if the zgemma h2h will connect to android via dream player app i know it works on the 2hs just want to know if its the same with zgemma h2h cheers
  11. dsayers2014

    Images Dsayers Zgemma H2H OpenATV 6 Series V3.1

    Dsayers Openatv 6 series for the zgemma H2.H with Kiddacs VSkin HD with slyk1hd set it as your skin And mgcamd1.38 and cccam2.30 with setup guide this backup has been set to generate one set of bouquets by replacing the non-available sky hd channels with vm hd channels so the channel numbers...
  12. dsayers2014

    DsayersBuild Dsayers Openatv complete backup for zgemma H.2H

    Dsayers Openatv series for the zgemma H2.H with Kiddacs VSkin HD with slyk1hd set it as your skin And mgcamd1.38 and cccam2.30 with setup guide this backup has been set to generate one set of bouquets by replacing the non-available sky hd channels with vm hd channels so the channel numbers...
  13. S

    Can someone please recommend a VM cable box with a Tuner?

    I've had Zgemma H.2h and the cable tuner is pretty poor on that - so I basically need a box that has a solid tuner. Any recommendations?
  14. 81goffy

    Iptv on Zgemma

    Hi, has anyone got a guild to putting iptv onto a zgemma properly please? I've got it on there at the minute but the epg isn't updating. I'm still showing mid week games from 2 weeks ago on the epg. Thanks in advance
  15. A

    Long channel change

    HI All, I hope you are well?! I have a H.2H running VM... Box in living room was bought all setup, Bedroom box Ive just setup myself... both boxes with same line provider, different lines per box... Both boxes work simultaneously, watching different channels etc however... When watching a...
  16. W

    Sky box office

    Hi my sky box office never cleared on my virgin tuner on sunday for wrestlemania was wondering if its a one off or have virgin managed to block the box office events ? Would like to know for the boxing end of the month my sub always has the ppv. Ut even he doesnt know what happened
  17. S

    Audio - IPTV

    I am just getting my head around the IPTV settings with my H.2H and wondering if i can change the language to English on some of the IPTV channels? I recall, with my old Dreambox and a lot of the Euro movie channels or documentary channels with CS i could easily change from say Italian/German...
  18. R

    Some channels not working

    I am new to this box still getting used to it for the last two days some of my channels have just been blank how can i update the channel list to get them to work again ?
  19. A

    Information on a provider?

    I bought a box all ready to go and worked great, ive gotten fluent in using it so thought id set up my own this morning. all went well setup within a few minutes. all I needed was the provider. Checked my current one and went straight there. registered on the site, transferred the funds...
  20. S

    Satellite line help !!!!!

    all day been trying different things at the end of my tether !! stressed is an understatement lol have downloaded and flashed my h5 with woosh h5 i have a N line which i paste in a notepad and named newcam.list ,,,, put it into keys checked cam tis on mgcamd_1.38r1 still no sky 1 ,, have tried...