zgemma h.2s

  1. S

    H2s Sky q LNB

    I’ve heard of problems with the new sky q LNB and CS on a zgemma h2s. I’m moving house soon and it looks as though it’s a newly installed dish. Now CS has gone, and I’m just using the h2s as free to air, will this work fine, or was it a compatibility issue with the lnb and zgemma h2s?
  2. ellobee

    Streaming from Zgemma to Firestick

    I am having a problem streaming HD channels from my Zgemma H2s to Kodi on my firestick, I also have Plex setup on my firestick and I can stream HD channels from a Plex Server without any issues so I know the firestick can handle HD streaming, so I was wondering if there are some settings in Kodi...
  3. G

    Some channels not working (although not all the time)

    Hi, I've tried using the search function for my problem but to no avail. Some of the channels on my Zgemma H2S box do not work, or are very intermittent with regards to quality (i.e jumping/slow motion). On a few of the channels, sometimes the screen is just black. After a minute or two...
  4. K


    I have 3 friggin Zgemmash.2s, do Virgin lines work? Hi everyone!!!