zgemma h.2s

  1. B

    Zgemma H2s - Issues with Bouquets

    Hi After trying endless things I seem to have figured out how to hide the old categories (Gift Bouquets) like Entertainment,Sport,Movies,Music ext... My main idea was to just display the IPTV categorys...Now I have had a shout out few months ago and tried everyones ideas but non of them...
  2. C


    Hi im aware there is an update to the epgimport extension and that is the reason why my epg is not working. I have tried updating by removing the plugin and downloading it again, but I still see the same epgimport version which is "epgimport (1.0+git134)", I am trying to update it to get the new...
  3. R

    zgemma h.2s LCD 49 keeps rebooting

    Hi Guys, I am a newbie to zgemma h2s but my parents had one for a while where very happy, I have tried to install a epg bouquet maker from a iptv supplier and box is now stuck in reboot mode, it is just looping i have formatted a flash drive to fat32 and tried to flash zgemma with latest...
  4. G

    XTREAM question for zgemma h2s iptv epg menu

    HI guys quick question for you all, i have wooshbuild 6 - zgemma h2s - and iptv all running no problems, but my question relates to the following have the sly menu for freesat - and xtream running iptv and vod - no problems - my question is - is it possible to integrate the xtream to the sly...
  5. snicketman

    Fully loaded box (dead?)

    Hi, my friend bought a fully loaded zgemma h2s about 6 months ago. His subscription ran out at the weekend. He had no idea how to re set it up so he asked me. I think it was running an old version of open atv. I said id reflash it for him first with the latest wooshbuild v6. I did that using...
  6. O

    Zgemma WiFi

    Hi all I want to setup WiFi on my Zgemma H2s but I don't seem to have the WLAN option when I got Menu > Setup > System > Network > Device Setup I have Wooshbuild V5 and the relevant Realtek TP-link drivers installed. Can anyone shed a light on this please?
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    Start up screen
  8. T

    zgemma H2S stuck on standby

    Hi, my zgemma h2s was booting up then there was a powercut. Now my H2S will not even boot. It is stuck in standby with only the red light showing! nothing else shows on the box. I have tried to reflash. Turned the power off, put usb into rear of the box and turned the power back on. Only the...
  9. D

    Crashing ZGemma box

    Hi all, Had my Zgemma box off for 6 weeks and when I turned it on it had lost all of the ip the bouquets and I couldn't bring them back. Tried to update the box software and not it sits in a boot loop and the numbers on on box go up to 57 and then back down to 0 and boot fails with nothing...
  10. S

    Zgemma Blue Circle

    I've had my Zgemma H2.S about 6 or 7 months now with the iPab build. The last few days a blue circle has appeared on the top left hand corner every minute or so and whilst it's there it freezes the menus and is really irritating. After some research I was led to believe it was because I was...
  11. M

    IPTV?...ccam line?..HELP!

    Hello everyone; Please excuse if nothing below this sentence makes sense. I'm awfully new to this. Got a zgemma h2s, suppliers done a runner. Most channels except FTA have gone down. Came across a couple IPTV sub providers on facebook who've advised me their subs will fix the issue and give...
  12. S

    Black screen

    I bought my zgemma h2s box from clear technology was zgemma sales. The hdmi port stopped working after 2 months, I carried on using it through the scart connection. Now when I turn the box on the scart connection and hdmi both don't give an output. The clock no longer comes on. The only thing...
  13. Almighty Jambon


    I have a zgemma 2s box but it is crazy slow. I found it slow before but all of a sudden it is loads slower (bringing up epg etc). Also I have lost all my sky channels (sky1, movies, sports)... bt sports still ok and box nation. Was wondering if anyone knew; - is there a way to speed up the...
  14. David Baillie

    Zgemma h2s no programmes coming on

    Hi , I've got wooshbuild v5 installed , all of a sudden one day a few weeks ago I lost all channels . Previous to this I lost Sports , music and movies . I put this down to Sky having closed down servers or the like . Anyway , I get the wooshbuild on reboot but the TV channels don't come on . I...
  15. pdw

    Upgrading to Sly Fibre & IPTV

    Hello, Im currently running Sly free sat and subscribed IPTV on an zgemma box. Im upgrading to Sly fibre to improve the service Im getting (Im now on Sly BB unlimited). My concern is that , apparently, Sly will be monitoring my line for the first 10 days or so after the upgrade to ensure...
  16. L

    EPG Importer, IPTV, Wooshbuild HELP! NO EPG

    Hi All Really hope you can help me resolve! Bought a new Zgemma H2S and installed Wooshbuild 6. All was working fine on FTA sat, EPG great, skins great etc. Decided to get a IPTV service so my provider remoted in and ran his script through putty. I can see all the new iptv channels etc but...
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  18. C


    Hi guys. I have a Zgemma H.2S with an IPTV sub. My supplier provided a script which automatically made bouquets. When my box performs its daily update, the EPG for all the Sly channels in their bouquets work fine and show an EPG for the next 7 days. No problems there. However, the U.S., Canadian...
  19. M

    Looking for good IPTV Supplier

    Hi all, please message me if you can help. I have a few requirements; I use Zgemma H.2S with slyk skin, Open ATV. I want the full sky menus as with my old cline. So assume m3u link required then a tidy up with E-channelizer? I would like all UK sky channels and Box office. Vod not necessary...
  20. D

    Zgemma H2S router internet problem - please help!!!

    I am really pulling my hair out with this!!! I have had my zgemma H2S for roughly a year and never had a problem until 3 months ago when I had iptv within the box. Basically depending on when I watch TV my wifi just goes off, but hours later, not right away and mainly every morning. I have...