zgemma h.2s

  1. T

    reflashing zgemma h2s need help

    hey guys new around here and in need of some help. my dad as had a zgemma h2.s was running ipabtv c line for some time now but tryed to update now its stopped working been told to reflash where to begin? thanks
  2. stonopoly

    HRTunerProxy - Zgemma running Latest Wooshbuild

    HRTunerProxy - Zgemma H2.S running Latest Wooshbuild Anyone know if this plugin still works? I am unable to find it in the list of downloadable plugins. I have tried to install it manually through FTP, but i am not 100% sure how to do this? Obviously if the plugin no longer works this would...
  3. M

    need help Zgemma H2S stopped working on crypted channels

    Hello all please help. My provider is useless .. I have a zgemma H2S, I am using Cable Virgin Media. I always had a freeze on some channels. Some wouldnt even work at all. After reading a bit I had the impression the internet line could be the reason. So I have plugged a WIFI dongle and I was...
  4. John Smallwood

    Multi line

    Hello can you put 2 different Stream from different provides on the zgemma H.2S box The Reason been is in case on provider goes down i have a back up of provider on box if this is possible would you do it though xtream editor or an other process thanks
  5. chenks

    Zgemma H2S x 2

    i have 2 x Zgemma H2S boxes sitting here if anyone wants/needs one. will take fair price (plus postage) for them. £30 each + p&p
  6. JtSinghsation

    Please help with TP-Link Archer T2U v2 wireless USB adapter

    Think i'm asking this in the right section. Apologies if I ain't. I've tried to install the TP-Link Archer T2U (v2) wireless adapter onto my Zgemma H.2S but I can't seem to get it working. I've followed advice given on different forums. The problem I'm having is the chipset is the MediaTek...
  7. bazcfc1

    Cross epg won't download

    Hi guys I've got a little problem I've just moved my zgemma h2s from out of my dining room into my front room and now can't get my cross epg to download says starting to download but nothing happens I've rebooted my box and router but still no joy any ideas not familiar with settings for it its...
  8. W

    Hard Drive access with password

    Hi Been searching the net but can't fine a solution. I want to map my zgemma hdd to my pc but I assume that because it has a password on the box windows cant get access to it. I have done this before without the password but I need the password for openwebif and streaming. Does anyone know...
  9. Blizzard17

    Help with Whooshbuild Bouquet

    Hello Currently having issues with my Zgemma H2S box, i have formatted the box twice, installed latest software and run all checks to get IPTV running..All OK Tonight i switch the box on and all the bouquets have gone missing, this isn't the first time its happened...So i ran E-Channelizer to...
  10. 0

    Picons on both IPTV and FTA Channels

    Hello, I am trying to assign Picons to both my FTA and IPTV channels using xtream editor. I have successfully been able to apply them to my IPTV channels but not my FTA ones. I have exported my DVB all channels bouquet and added my IPTV channels to it in order to have my channels under the...
  11. S

    Network issues VM

    hi Zgemma h2s running wooshbuild 7, and a vpn. Had VM fibre installed today and now my box wont run iptv or Speedtest etc. This issue remains wether the vpn is on or off, but can't understand why speedtest would be affected. The VM connection is good as tested on other devices using the same...
  12. D

    HD51 4K using alternative remote control

    hi, anyone know of any plugin or settings that might make it possible to use a different e2 remote on my 51.. the one that comes with it is useless, a h2s (have one) which is half the price, is far superior. I've had an issue with mine been totally non responsive at times and then works fine a...
  13. D

    Where can I JTAG my Zgemma h2s?

    Mods please delete if not allowed... After exstensive diagnosis and attempted fixes I have come to the conclusion that my zgemma box needs JTAGing. So does anyone recommend a place? Happy to accept a PM. I have tried numerous flash pens that I know work but can I get this box to boot up...
  14. S

    Merge all bouquets - is it possible?

    Hi Gurus, Badly require your help (Zgemma) Is there anyway where we can integrate IPTV channels along with Sky/VM channels in the bouquets (via channelizer) rather than having XtreamTV or any other app for IPTV on Zgemma. I reflashed by box to IPAB and after got one day trail from a supplier...
  15. W

    1080p 60fps

    When watching channels that are in 1080p 60fps I get alot of picture jumping. Is this because my box (Zgemma H.2S) is not powerful enough to process them? Why are channels streamed with such high frame rates?
  16. W

    Wifi dongle

    hi can anyone recommend a good wifi dongle that could handle iptv. Tried a tp link one i use on the laptop but couldnt get it to work . Box came with a cheap wee dongle that works but struggles with 1080 . Just moved and dont want to run a new ethernet and homeplugs wont work . Thanks in advance
  17. W

    XE Catchup pause/fast forward/rewind

    Hi Is there a way to pause/fast forward/rewind when watching catchup on XE Catchup? I'm using this on my Zgemma H.2S. Thanks
  18. M

    International EPG

    Hi, Currently I have 2 different IPTV subscriptions that I run on a Zgemma h2s. Both are setup to use Xtream Editor but I only setup the one subscription to use Xtream and add the 2nd subscription by downloading the m3u channel list and adding them manually to a backup bouquet via...
  19. A

    IPTV EPL Block? I have VPN

    My IPTV stops quite frequently on weekends, which i presumed was the EPL block. (It hasnt long gone off again today). Because of this, I purchased a VPN earlier this week from Private Internet Access. I have a zGemma H2S, running wooshbuild 7 and the VPN plugin. I have entered my VNP details...
  20. Superflyyy

    Zgemma H.2S stuck in infinite boot and crashes repeatedly

    Hi All, In a bit of tight spot and looking for help. My Zgemma h2s already flashed with Wooshbuild V6 was beginning to show signs of problems and crashes now and then, I think due to AutoBouquets plugin crashing whenever you press the info channel on any channel and showing a blues screen with...