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7E 10E in UK (north west)


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It is hard to get the T.k sets with
The slots for drilling most come with the
Standard hole


Location Bolton , yes I’ve used Biss on 28.2e on my vu ultimo today. It worked perfectly.

I’d rather have motorized as that picks up more Sats if I’m correct

I used an installer from East Manchester last year. Not sure he covers Bolton though but happy to pass on his details.


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I was told by an installer it’s not possible to install 1.2m Motorized to get 7E and 10E it has to be a fixed dish is that true ?
I dont believe that,
for all practical purposes once the dish has moved to the position it simply acts like a fixed dish.


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I have 1.2 meter dish and still stuggle to pick up some of the Feeds mike142 post's on 10 east,I can get them on 7e but 10e can be a struggle even though i can scan in all the KU band channels listed on king of sat.


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sounds like he is covering himself that if you get movement on the pole and your sats keep freezing he cant be held responsible
fairly sound business practice on his part, and just letting you know possible problems,
but, thats a lot different from what you first claimed.
he basically doesnt want the hassle of you come crying if you dont get good constant reception


Yes you can get 7e & 10e on a motorised dish like I do outside Chester for example however any 2 x installs can be different where you live if you see our EU friends here now in the UK are all fixed dishes on walls be it a bit slap dash too I've seen
My install is pole mounted bottom of garden a bit of a Doc emmett Brown from Back2the future experiment at first but I plugged away at it but got to say not many others where I live do Motor Sat


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This is motorisied satellite dish
Which I installed at the weekend
T.k set 2inch steel pole
Tacnomate 2600 motor
80cm inverto satellite dish
Invacon l.n.b
First get the k bracket totally level
For this i used magnetic based leveler
As the bracket was being fitted to a brick
Wall i used 10mm plugs and 13mm coach screws with round washers
Once the k bracket was fitted totally level
Next i fitted the 2inch steel pole with one of
The 2 inch u bolts Next put the magnetic base leveler on the pole and attach the T bracket Move the T bracket and pole until it is setting at 90°Mark the T on the wall and drill with a 12mm drill bit Attach the T to
The wall , before a final tighten make sure the Pole is still at 90°Next put the digital leveler to the side of the pole Move the pole
Back and forward until its 90°When the pole
Is 90° all round tighten the u bolts evenly
So the same amount of thread is protruding
From the nut This is the most important
part of a motorisied satellite system complete
Before you attach your Satellite motor to
The pole Make sure you set the latitude
On your satellite motor To the diagram
Provided with your motor You can find
Your longitude and latitude at dish pointer
.com.I used Google earth as it pin pointed
The exact location of my house Remember
A negative value for longitude is west
Next i connected my satellite motor To
My reciever powered it on and set my satellite motor To 0 by pressing the east west button on the motor Press once to
Move west twice move east
Next i put the satellite motor onto the pole
With true compass installed on my andriod
Phone You are looking for 180° true south
Move the motor around the pole until it lines
Up at 180° true South Next set the satellite dish elevation which should be on the diagram which came with the satellite motor ,If your declination angle is say
7.6 ° Your satellite dish angle is calculated
By taking your declination angle from 30°
This is because your motor arm sits at 30°
Next attach the satellite dish to the satellite
Motor Make sure the satellite motor satellite dish are in line and totally square with the exact
Amount of thread is protruding From each nut measure with a ruler to make sure
Used the zgemma h2s reciever with
Open atv just to see if all the problems
With zgemma recievers was true Changed
My power supply to 12v 5amp Output to
Make sure there was enough power to the
Satellite motor Powered the reciever up
The green light on the satellite motor was
On Then blue button on reciever tunner configuration
Positioner USALS
Enter longitude and latitude
Green button to save
Then goto manual scan select transponder
Thor 0.8west
Then goto signal finder select Thor and the
Satellite motor dish move Then manually
Move the satellite dish left and right up and
Down to peak the signal With thor Yet again
Went into signal finder select transponder 28.2 east The satellite dish and motor move
To 28.2 east peak the signal on 28.2 East to
Get good signal Then Back to the reciever select Hipsat 30west The satellite dish will
Not move no green light on the motor
Disconnect the l.n.b the motor moves
Change the l.n.b to low powered one
Connect the cable the satellite dish and motor still do not move
Also tried the H9s reciever with similar results Time for new Ax 60 reciever


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Wow some serious thread,curious as an odd named motor in use branded Technomate which is well know brand.Thats also a serious spirit level you have.
Congrats on an excellent setup,might get famous and it becomes a STICKY! (y) (y) (y) (y)

Does box config need to have a power feed to on for motor to move?


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@catkid, linesman66 always says Tacnomate 2600 motor I have searched can't find any always come up with Technomate TM-2600.

Interesting the zgemmas did not have enough power even with 12v 5amp Output to move motor seen this discussed before but also see some saying zgemma h9 combo works I have one of those still to set it up the motorised dish I mean.


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Strange it wont move the motor and remembering solo 2 with a 3.5 amp moving it, now that it was mentioned dont think formuler f1 did earlier with 3 sat tuners.H7s is in another room in use.


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@catkid, linesman66 always says Tacnomate 2600 motor I have searched can't find any always come up with Technomate TM-2600.

Interesting the zgemmas did not have enough power even with 12v 5amp Output to move motor seen this discussed before but also see some saying zgemma h9 combo works I have one of those still to set it up the motorised dish I mean.
I got a secondhand one and it would move the 1.2 meter dish east but when you wanted to go west I would get the orange light,(not enough power)my power supply for my H1 is 12v 3A so maybe if I get 12v 5A that might sort that problem,I went back to my old motor what's called satcatcher and that's been reliable,I got a bigger dish and the TM 2600 and tk bracket came with it.


Yes wow what a text book post you done everything by the letter of the law
As to no signal to motor how long is the cable run from receiver to dish have you any breaks in the cable splitter etc make sure you connectors are fitted to cable correctly no outer strands touching inner solid cable your almost there sometimes it's best walk away for a while then go back to it your problems I had too but solved them
What Sat cable you using