All channels freezing

Hi guys,

Having an issues were all my channels have suddenly started to stutter in 00002 net id.

Channels i have never had an issue with like the sports are freezing. Nothing in my setup has changed and i have checked all connection to make sure no loose connections. Have reflashed both boxes i have and no improvement.

If anyone can help would be great. Provider has said he is on the same server with no issues. So not sure what it could be


I recently had this problem, i changed the cam from oscam to cccam 2.3.2, and it fixed the problem, just watching the racing i recorded today and it's perfect, not sure what your using.


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It’s a provider problem mate as all is fine here with my provider :smiley:

If your provider is off here and it’s the guy I’m thinking of he could not lie straight in bed :LOL:

I know you have contacted me in the past for help but I’m not I a position to help anyone anymore Sorry :cry::whistle::unsure: