1. W


    Hi guys looking for help. have a few subs and been getting issues. When a big match is on or soccer aid for example. Totally unwatchable. Flick a vpn on and its fine. My main sub doesnt except vpns. So looking to figure it what causes it. I use a formuler so i can see rhe buffer bars are empty...
  2. W

    Formuler z7+/z8

    Hi guys currently have both boxes in title. I also have two cable boxes. I have the tv tuners for these formuler boxes.I was wondering how i install a softcam to use the box to watch cable? Looking to clear out some space on tv cabinet. Usb tuners can do freeview and cable according to the box
  3. W

    Bt sport

    Is there something going on with bt sport channels the disappeared from boquet then xame back worked and now on bts1hd message saying factual channels have moved. 2&3 not clearing. Theres a bt sport 1hd hidden clearing but its epg is wrong and not scanned into boquet.
  4. W

    Newcamd issue

    hi guys looking for info took a trial for a new backup line. Provider is getting this issue when i am connected on his panel. Newcamd (unknown please report) any ideas whats causing it thanks
  5. H

    Joshua v Ruiz 2

    Does anyone know if there is any FTA on motorised for the fight or will it be IPTV stream only?
  6. W

    New box

    Ho guys looking for opinions/help have a h5.2tc box is starting to play up not finding hdd and usb freezing lots when going through menu. need a cable box preferably twin tuner . so far reasonable price i have seen gigablue x2 can pick your tuners. any help would be appreciated.
  7. W

    All channels freezing

    Hi guys, Having an issues were all my channels have suddenly started to stutter in 00002 net id. Channels i have never had an issue with like the sports are freezing. Nothing in my setup has changed and i have checked all connection to make sure no loose connections. Have reflashed both boxes...
  8. S

    Mag-322 Better alternative to MAG box?

    Hi everyone, I was just about to buy a MAG322 off bay with 12 month sub. But after reading about the blocking I am not sure. Is there a better alternative? The seller also had a TVIP Sbox 501 which he recommended but i cant find much info on this. ISP is vermin. Thanks
  9. D

    zgemma H3.2TC grogbuild - unable to activate cam

    Hi Guys. I have a zgemma h3.2TC which was previously running ipabtv but just updated to the latest Grogbuild via Openwebif terminal after problems with ABM not updating channels correctly. Everything is set up, (tuners, net ID, bouquets,skin) etc and I am able to receive FTA (for what is...
  10. HuggyTheBear

    Does Tivo Box initilaiastion Stop Zgemma H2H from Working?

    Currently have Zgemma H2H working fine on ATV6.1 and Whooshbuild on Hub3 200mbs I had a offer from Vermin that if i added TV to my package would reduce bill by £3 to £50 from £53 . The new Tivo box arrived i set it up but did not make the call for vermin to Initialise box. during the setup box...
  11. W

    Failed to tune vermin on tuner c

    hi got a h5.2tc now for a year runs fine woke up this morning to a error message auto boquets failed to tune vermin to tuner c , i have the two cable tuners enabled no sat. Any ideas what has caused it sometime my hdd dismounts and that seemed to have happen during the night but have remounted...
  12. W

    Cable box

    hi been looking online to pickup a zgemma h5.2tc but can seem to find one anywhere? Any help would be great. Also is there anything similar with two cable tuners
  13. W

    Some channels off

    hi noticed my boxnation and premier sports are just black screen have done a re scan and the same. Probider has said his is the same possible transponder issue is anyone having these issues? Im in glasgow area
  14. X

    OSCAM issues on VU+ Uno 4K SE

    Hi All Im in need of some desperate help, I'm a newbie - have done a lot of reading to try and sort this on my own but have now admitted defeat and hit a brick wall. I have a N/CWS line for VM and have a VU+ Uno 4K SE box running the latest version of Vix. I have installed OSCAM and converted...
  15. Black-Panther

    South Harrow Virgin Net ID?

    Hey guys My h2h box has VM and sky subs running with iPab image. Sky channels work fine but none of the VM channels work (or blank screen but shows signal%). For the net ID, it doesn't show the Harrow one so which others should I use? Any help would be highly appreciated!!
  16. 8valia

    ECM TIME High

    Hi guys, I have a line from a supplier and mine is working fine. My mate has a line from the same supplier but his ECM time is really high and it keeps glitching. Is this the suppliers issue or my mates issue lol? NOTE: the low ecm image is mine. And ECM images are from the same channel(sly one).
  17. W

    Channels black except 1-5

    hi woke up today to all channels not clearing except 1-5 . If this happens normally a restart fixes it. Have done that and a router reset and still all black waiting on a reply from my provider. Any ideas what it could be my internet and boxes seem fine as there still running my iptv. Any help...
  18. W

    Sound issue

    Hi there. Getting an issue where every few seconds my sound cuts off on certain channels the video is playing fine and not glitching seems to be on most channels bar the sports. Bbc 1 sd i noticed tonight during motd. This seems to be even more noticable on a recording also. When i play...
  19. W

    Channels gone

    all ym hd sky and bt sports are black and fta 1-5 are black anyone know whats going on?
  20. W

    Channel glitching

    hi all, Looking for some info/help been with current provider a few months moved because some of the lesser channels were glitching quite a bit so moved over everything was good much improved still the odd glitch here and there on certain channels but the main ones ie sky and bt sports and that...