Anyone Recommend A Good Server For IPTV - October/November/December 2017

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I'm looking for an iptv UK sub for zgemma h2.s with full EPG and ability to record please. Also have two boxes so multiroom please quote if cost more.


am still looking to test a Full UK and World package with VOD please.
A big thank you to members who have sent previous tests (last month)...very much appreciated! (I require a few more to compare and this in no way reflects the quality of your tests!)
running a Zgemma, but would like the test sent through the Xtream plugin only please.
Many thanks for your time!


Hi, I'm considering an IPTV package using Smart IPTV on my LG. Would like a test first.
Looking for UK channels esp btsport and 3pm KOs.


looking for a stable test line for a zgemma hs2 bpox, has to be glitch free with full epg
needs to have indian channels and sports & movies
would also like to be able to do recording.


Hi, looking for a test iptv line for a zgemma h.s2 box with full epg
would like Irish channels and sports (inc 3pm KOs) & movies


hi im looking for a test iptv service to run on an android box full packages with good bouquets setup. thanks people

Looking for a sub for my LG TV (Smart IPTV app) with the full package, 3pm, PPV, catch up tv etc.

Looking for a 24 hour trial if possible



Looking for a test on a full sub with rangers tv and good standard stream on sports channels when footy is on. Decent EPG a must too, thanks.


Looking for a new sub to replace an old one which kept freezing/stuttering. It's for IPTV zgemma hs2, mainly interested in TV and movies with basic epg.


Looking for a new sub to replace an old one which keeps blacking out on EPL games. Required for DigitalSTB app on firestick with NO VPN . Mainly for sport / 3PM KOs . Thanks
Looking for a test sub to run on my zgemma h2h alongside cable line. Specifically after 3pm KOs and Nordic (Danish/Norwegian) channels.
Hi all forumistas,

Still looking for a quality, reliable iptv supplier for my vu+ zero box.
Looking for sports, ppv, skynet sports, mio stadium, nscsn etc
Not mithered with VOD thanks.
Don't want epg as it does not work.
Don't want to add plug-ins, editors or anything else like that.
Just a nice straight forward script to bang into the box via putty.
Previous suppliers please don't answer this again, thank you.


Hi all,
Looking for iptv for a amiko mini combo, looking for a nice channel list, Irish, UK, entertainment, sport, movies, kids, docs and live sports and ppv. I think it has to be in a webtv. list format. Thanks. Would really appreciate some help.

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Looking for a UK IPTV server with all uk channels one that is freeze free and has been running along time. To be used on android devices and zgemma if possible a 24 hour trial would be nice
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