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guys, I'm about ready to give in! trying to set up a h9s. get to the auto buquet maker. have selected freesat etc, Astra 28
and when I start scan it tells me my tuner is not configured.
I've got it on simple, Astra 28
any ideas?


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What have you got set in autobouquetmaker /providers?
Have you got the sat cable in the correct socket in the box?

Thousands of people have set these boxes up for sat and freesat without any problems, it's not the box It's something you are doing wrong somewhere


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You have to configure, then provider make sure Freesat is ticked only if that's the one one you want! and make sure you press green to save then scan, if that doesn't work you have missed something out, just try again till it works! As Pablo said it's not the box !!


nah. I got sky hd. there's nothing wrong with the connection, it's already picked up loads of channels. mind you I never noticed BBC 1 or any other terrestrial channels?

Abu Baniaz

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ABM tunes to:
11778, Vertical, 27500 for Sky UK/ROI
11426, Horizontal, 27500 for Freesat UK

Secondly, if you perform an manual, complete, non-network scan. You must consistently find 950+ channels. If you do not, there is a reception issue