DM800 HD se clone image


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Do you have Sim2 & 84d bootloader on your box it needs to be d
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Thanks, It is a sim2 clone. opkg list | grep secondstage says "dreambox-secondstage - 84-r12.0 - Dreambox second stage bootloader".
I am no sure how 84d bootloader compares to 84-r12.0. Does this mean that I currently have an 84c bootloader (12 = c in hex)?


hi all sorry for jumping in on this but would like some help ive got a sunray4 hd se sim 2 a8p looking for image just to do cable side of things ie vm have tried a few images but no luck
thanks all


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Is it possible to put a fresh open atv onto a dreambox 800hd clone box, in order to flash wooshbuild onto it, if so i was wondering just how difficult it would be, any advice is greatly appreciated.