Dsayers Picon updater


Ok managed to get it sorted
The HDD was somehow corrupted in areas and after some research managed to get it sorted through PUTTY with these commands one at a time

init 4
umount -a
e2fsck -f -C 0 -v /dev/sda1

These commands allowed me to do a disc check and repair without re -initializing the drive and thus wiping it

After those commands forced a disc check and repair, I ran the below command and the picons are now there including the ITV ones. (Tried the SNP picon updator in E2 tools and that worked as well)

wget -O SNP_Picon_Updater.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/davesayers2014/Picon/master/SNP_Picons/Dsayers_SNP_Picon_Updater.sh && chmod +x SNP_Picon_Updater.sh && ./SNP_Picon_Updater.sh

Worthwhile keeping this post at least if you end up cleaning up the thread