External Hard Drive - Use for recording & movie play back (& media centre plugin)



As the title suggests, is this possible? I have recently bought a H5.2tc

So I have a database of movies and want to use 500Gb of the hard drive to play movies from here and the other 500Gb for recording.

What I have found so far is that after initialising, you're effectively formatting the hard drive.

Perhaps the answer is to create partitions?

Also two side points from here:
1. Is there any good plugin which would allow movies to be shown in a wall format, so where I have the metadata - you will see images and you can sot by genre, year etc.
2. How do you copy programmes recorded on the hard drive to another hard drive?

Thanks in advance.


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Not just as handy to get a new drive, they don't cost much

Or just ftp the movies over to the drive on the box drive
As you will need to formate it anyway
Not sure how partitions work
Would you need to wipe the drive and start over not sure


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If the drive is NTFS you will be able to record to it and keep your existing movies but to use timeshift it would need to be formatted as Ext 3 or 4.
IMO you would be better buying a NAS and stream your movies from that.
You could just use a USB stick for timeshift, epg etc and record to the NAS.
I'm not aware of a plugin for scraping from the movie database apart from Kodi. It works fine on the HD51.


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Thanks for your advice. Think it might be better to use two separate hard drives.

I have a H5.2tc, don't think Kodi works on that, right?


I have a small drive for recording then just move them to the bigger drive but make sure i dont fill the small drive