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keep getting this error. any help would be appreciated
Run the command line again, make sure there's an initialised usb in the box before you do
Make sure you have the correct box ID, you are trying to flash i55 image, is this what the box is?


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it is probably because there was not enough space to store the downloaded image that was going to flash, if you don't have a usb stick plugged in then it will try saving it to internal memory which these boxes don't have much of, you need about 300mb of available space.


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From @grog68

  • Press the Menu button on remote and select Setup -> System -> Storage Device -> Initialisation -> YOUR USB DEVICE -> Red Button.
    Once the initialisation has completed, hold the power button on remote until a menu appears and select Restart Gui.
  • Step 3 : Make sure the storage device is mounted correctly by pressing the RED button on the remote and selecting Plugins -> Mount ManagerYour storage device should be listed and should say Mount: /media/hdd.
    If it does just press the exit button until you exit the menus, if it doesn't press the Green button to Setup Mounts and using the Left/Right arrows on the remote change the mount until /media/hddis selected and press the Green button to save. Answer yes if prompted to restart the box.


Hi I have zgemma h9 combo running atv 6.3 have hdd mounted but getting error message Error cannot flash kernel, because no kernel file was found when trying to install grog build freerange any help would be appreciated
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I would try flashing with the flash online option on thhe box and see what happens, blue button and then flash online from right hand menu