Happy Birthday Linny


While taking HiTeck's new forum skin for a test drive, great look BTW ;) I noticed it was Linny's birthday today so a Happy Birthday to you Linny hope you have a great day.

why happy birthday Linny, enjoy :happy birthday: you go girl :cheerleader:
Happy Birthday Linny

:woo::happy birthday::cheerleader::happy birthday::woo:​
aww thanks Peeps means a lot that you guys remembered lol! :grin:

Just going thro all the news posts and saw this!
IVe had a few cards this morning and hubby spend a fortune on me over the last week or so by paying for my weekend away to brighton last weekend and givin me pennies to spend lol!

Im off out with some friends tonite for a good birthday drink. Today im just gonna chill lol!

Eva, i may well need a hangover cure in the morning lol!
but hey i really appreciate all you guys comments

:snake: :grin:
NOW NOW.. Don't get to pissed or you will need an Eva cure. hehehe. btw... what is that?? It's NOT some nasty drink is it?? I'd rather have a GREAT BIG GREASY CHEESEBURGER with a Diet Pepsi.. hehehe. :P

Happy Birthday Linny... Hope is was a good one. ;)
tel lya wot ill have a drink for each oen of yous lol! so dont expect to see me about 2mora mornin :angel:
Doesnt matter as long as you have a good time. wots a hangover:) lol just enjoy yourself.