HDR new tv settings for box


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Hi guy's
Ok after some help got me box up and running but been messing with video setting what's best please for UHD Samsung TV would you say???
Many thanks


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as they say "you can't polish a turd", and apart from the HD channels (and BBC SD channels) you'll find that the picture quality of the SD channels on a large 4K TV is pretty bad.

that's the not the fault of the box or the TV, just the the bitrate of the channels is low, and they are SD and you are essentially upscaling them to 4K resolution. all that does it make an already bad image even worse.


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Cheers yes i am happy with SD not a issue and HD looks great , just wanted to maximise it really not expecting it to be as good as 4K full though. So default as its flashed??
What about pan and scan etc?
Oh any 4k content i can get through these boxes lol??