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  1. C

    OTHER Iptv help

    Hi all I'm having an issue on my xtrend et10000 when I'm in iptv section the box will crash hangs on the spinner untill I revert from the mains, I have latest xtreme editor installed and it works fine other than the crashing is there any work around, im using the latest open vix image but can...
  2. Howardkoch

    Hello all , could someone explain how to stop zgemma h2s describing whats happening on certain channels

    Hey all I've noticed on a couple of my channels, that when I'm watching something it describes what's happening during the programme as if it's for a blind person no offense intended, has anyone the same issues ,and could anyone tell me if there a fix to stop this happening, Thank you , it's...
  3. Howardkoch

    New to this help needed thanks guys

    Hi guys I bought a zgemma h2s last week all advice would be good ,it's set up with sky box and everything was working fine ,untill recently, none of the US programmes/channels are working and none of the adult content is working I'm in UK but I like to look at these channels aswell, any idea...
  4. S

    TV Help

    Hi peeps, My 49" LG LED TV just died and need a replacement. Budget is £500-700 and I am looking for a 55" 4k Ultra HD with HDR Can anyone recommend any? 5 I have seen so far are below but not too sure what the difference is in them, can anyone help...
  5. S

    Help! Settings up my IPTV on Zgemma h2s

    Can anyone please explain to me the easiest way to set up my IPTV channels so I can watch them on my Zgemma using putty . Your knowledge will be much appreciated!
  6. C

    Satellite internet problems with h7s

    Hello, i need some help with my zgemma h7s ive just bought it i flashed it with ipab set it all up working great, then when i turn it off at the wall and turn it back on it wont connect back to the internet i have wired connection, i use a power line adapter into a ethernet hub then into the...
  7. P

    Can somebody help me:(

    thanks in advance folks... I could really do with some advice. I am looking for a basic set up no recording function needed or iptv or anything like that just a box that works?! In the past have successfully had dream boxes starview boxes krypytview etc.etc. But have been out the game for a...
  8. Baldwin96

    Most cost effective way of accessing blocked channels?

    Hi, What is the most cost effective way of being able to watch IPTV when the PL is on? I have set up IPTV for the odd friend and family member and I'm a bit baffled with how to get the channels when PL is on. Some people have said getting a 2nd router will do the trick and other people have...
  9. K

    IPTV button on Openbox V9s Remote Control doesn't work.

    Hey, i need to assign the IPTV button to my Xtreme Code app? I'm not sure though on how it could be done? I would really appreciate it if someone could help? Thank you
  10. R

    Hacked by magico

    Hi folks, I am wondering if anybody can help me here, I have a wordpress site which is now showing the following "hacked by Magico ..." Does anyone have a fix for this please.
  11. H

    Replacement screen

    I have a iPhone 6s plus, I have cracked the screen and need to repair it. The price in apple is not cheap, but they tell me they do more than just repair the screen for there price. I have tried to find an OEM one, but the ones sold on eBay etc seem to be fake. Do you think there is a...
  12. n1cks21

    Movie List Setup

    upgraded to openatv 6.0 but all my recorded programs look different to how they did, I have figured out that if I go to menu and settings and scroll down to "use extended list" I only get the options "ServicePicon" and "ServiceName" where before the option was "Sky Planner" so does anyone know...
  13. J

    Wireless Adaptor Help

    Trying to set up a TP Link wireless adapter ( ) could anyone help by letting me know which drivers ect that need to be installed because at the minute i can't get it to show up
  14. retromobiles

    OTHER revez software

    I was wondering would anyone know how to get the revez Q9/10/11/12 range of boxes back to being able to add an IPTV service again? In the past the revez range had an Iptv service working on the boxes and there is still an option to an m3u file in settings... ive tried to add t it but no joy...
  15. D

    IPTV Help Mag Box

    Ok, shoot me down now for not doing enough research etc etc but I'm really struggling to get my head round the best IPTV box and set up!! E.g. Everyone talks about the new mag 256 which seems to be the one to have (unless advised otherwise) but I'm still not understanding how the epg works on...
  16. M

    New Router Suggestions

    hey all, Looking for a suggestion for a new router, my requirements are: * VPN support (such as Private Internet Access) * customisable DNS servers. * did wrt. * Cheap I plan to connect this router to my current ISP (Sly) and have all my devices connect to this router to make use of VPN and...
  17. blainemufc

    Sub or zgemma/firestick

    Want to test iptv on firestick, also iptv on the zgemma is there way round it without having windows pc only have a mac
  18. gary27

    How to sort IPTV and sub

    Hi all I have a venton unibox and as sly channels are going one by one someone told me about IPTV channels. So how do I go about sorting this and whats the cost of sub for this...(I'm looking on rouge gallery) before I would pay for a sub......... Any help would be great cheers all
  19. A

    IPTV mbox pc smart tv

    Hi Are the iptv subs worth it? Is it better to setup on my miraclebox premium or smart tv? Surely I can set it up on my pc running on windows 10 in my bedroom? Thanks for the help guys
  20. Y

    tuner failed. please help badly stuck zgemma sky and vm setup

    Hello all, new to the forum. So I have a zgemma star H1, capable of sky and vm I believe? So have been given a 'gift' which supports sky and virgin media. Firstly I couldn't scan for sky channels at my house so I took the box to my brothers. Found 587 in to autobouqets maker. Couldn't test the...