zgemma h2.s

  1. G

    zgemma update plugin no space on device

    Trying to update iptv on the zgemma h2s box with a new plugin and it says no space on device. I am just trying to help someone out and havent setup or configured this box at all. Ive cleared out some files in the logs folder which hasnt saved much space. Can anyone help as to what I can do next...
  2. P

    Wooshbuild & connecting to preferred wireless network

    Hi all, I am running a Zgemma H2S using wooshbuild. At home I have my ISP-issue router and then I have a netgear r7000 running off that. ALL of my devices connect to the R7000. I disable WiFi on the ISP-issue router so that it is the only option to connect. In setting my Zgemma up I had no...
  3. C


    Hi im aware there is an update to the epgimport extension and that is the reason why my epg is not working. I have tried updating by removing the plugin and downloading it again, but I still see the same epgimport version which is "epgimport (1.0+git134)", I am trying to update it to get the new...
  4. J

    m3u help

    I have a zgemma h2s with whooshbuild I have a m3u file for iptv rather than flash my box to ipab and start again is there any way that any one knows how to load the m3u file to my zgemma and get all the epg etc working ? Many Thanks Jason
  5. D

    Xtream Source not available in EPG Importer

    I'm having trouble setting this up on Zgemma H2s. Followed the guide, have set up Editor and have line and app code confirmed. Settings have been confirmed and loaded. When I go in to EPG Import sources, there is no Xtream at the bottom like there should be. Any ideas why this is? I've tried...
  6. S

    Black screen

    I bought my zgemma h2s box from clear technology was zgemma sales. The hdmi port stopped working after 2 months, I carried on using it through the scart connection. Now when I turn the box on the scart connection and hdmi both don't give an output. The clock no longer comes on. The only thing...
  7. M

    IPTV Channels blocked??

    Ok so I have a Zgemma H2S which I have an IPTV subscription with also. I had imported the channels into bouquets and then used echannelizer to assign the sky epg to the relevant IPTV channels. Everything was great!! All channels on and epg full. Went to bed, got up in the morning and the...
  8. G

    ZGEMMA H2S IPTV Skins Question

    Hi Guys, got a Zgemma H2s - IPTV usage - and have a question 1- Have the S Q menu all good 2- But have to run IPTV from XC E2 plug in - So by doing that, i lose the benefit of the SQ menu - as can only watch IPTV on the XC plug in - and although it has some basic EPG its nowhere near as good...
  9. C

    IPTV sub for zgemma h2.s required

    Hi. With the issues with channels currently. I need a strong reliable sub that can intergrate with the zgemma h2s boxes and menus. i need a week trial at first. I'm aware this will cost, im not after a free load. Then will be looking to offer this out to people who have lost there channels.
  10. n1cks21

    Movie List Setup

    upgraded to openatv 6.0 but all my recorded programs look different to how they did, I have figured out that if I go to menu and settings and scroll down to "use extended list" I only get the options "ServicePicon" and "ServiceName" where before the option was "Sky Planner" so does anyone know...
  11. C

    IPTV URL Help

    Hi guys, So, I finally decided to buy a IPTV sub for my Zgemma H.2S. My supplier has emailed me nothing else other than a URL beginning with http:// and ending in =ts. I know how to transfer a m3u file over to my H.2S via echanneliser but this is totally new to me as this is definitely not a...
  12. J

    Saorview on ZGemma H2S

    Hi there, with the Sly channels now gone I googled Saorview options. Apparently Saorview is available via FreeSat. I have a Smart Samsung TV, but my satellite is connected to my Zgemma H2S. Any suggestions for how I would go about getting the Saorview free Irish channels via my current TV and...
  13. W

    How to change the name of my Zgemma?

    Hi how can I change the name of my Zgemma (running whooshbuild) as it shows up on my network. Cheers.
  14. W

    Zgemma VPN

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to set up a VPN on or with a Zgemma h2s running whooshbuild. Cheers.
  15. W

    Zgemma VPN

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to set up a VPN on or with a Zgemma h2s running whooshbuild. Cheers.
  16. W

    Zgemma VPN

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to set up a VPN on or with a Zgemma h2s running whooshbuild. Cheers.
  17. daniel amos

    help please guys

    hi guys a little help please. so i updated wooshbuild to 6.0 i think. all went well but when i put in my usb stick and go on usb cam importer to import my line its coming up as if theres no line on the usb stick to upload and on the usb cam importer screen if i press green it comes up fault and...