New switch models hacked.


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I can DL 10gb from Usenet in about 30 mins, less if I set it to DL at off peak times.
This is on 100m connection.
I use a DL manager so can set it to get half a TB and leave it to run while I go to work or pub

IDM and jdownloader I find the best download managers.

There are others of course but can't comment on that.


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Remember mate RD track everything. And hold the info for 2 years.

At one time it did bother me but they can happily track my usage don't care anymore tbh. I delete the files that show on my account every week not that it makes a difference.

Oh dear the Internet Police might break into his house and steal his unlimited supply of Pepsi Max! lol

Well mate can't beat an ice cold Pepsi max that much I can guarantee :LOL: :LOL: