NordVPN 2 Years + 3 months free - 100% Cashback via Quidco! Updated: 22/03/2024

Some belting cashback deals on Quidco for vpn's at the moment, they're literally paying you to have their vpn. I bought nord through there a few months back, cashback tracked and paid out with no problems at all. Just be aware you can't use an email address that you've bought nord with before or it won't payout.
do you need to pay the full amount first?

You always have to pay the price first then the payout comes back for you to withdraw to your bank account, they usually give you a good idea of time taken to payout. With vpn's the cashback will never be payable until you're out of the vpn's cooling off period as they don't want people getting cashback then cancelling their sub.
It’s I think £5-00, then it’s deducted from any cash back paid to you over a fiver, if u don’t earn it they don’t take it, however it’s well worth it due to increase of cb.