pc gone down,virus blank screen.

Hi lads,/virus spywearbot/ i downloaded spywareblaster and found some Trojans and deleted,ran another scan last night,and today the screen says PC had to shut down to protect Ur PC from fatal arrears has done this before,so i shut it down power off the lot, re started on load up it made a sound like it was just about to shut down and now all i get is a screen saying all stuff like dumping virtual memory try-ed power on off but still the same,if l leave it for a hour or so it will load up but takes so long,some times i can load a web page and some times it freeze and shut down again,on load up it says your PC has recovered from a serious problem send report.

its a emachines pc 2.40ghz intel pentium processor,80gb disk drive,256mb,windows xp.
thanks. paddy.
have you got a recovery disc with your pc? is there a system restore on the pc?i have had to format my drive via system restore a few times on an xp machine i was using before.
most likely he is going to have to boot from cd-rom reformat in dos and then start the installation process. might have to walk him through it.
he could also look atthis thread,i sorted a laptop recently by downloading a boot disc it was easy enough to sort.
paddy, do you have a windows xp cd, or a recovery cd that came with your computer? Either one will do what we need it to do.
i downloaded this rescue disk but it would not run,i have dis disk i got with pc[ restore cd vir1.1] is this the one.
have you tried running the restore cd vir1.1 that you mentioned

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Put the CD in your PC, turn off and back on, watch the start up screen, does it give you an option to " press any key to boot from CD " if it does hit your keyboard and let it load, if it doesn't do as noely said below then you need to set it to boot from CD in BIOS. .
Insert the disk, restart the pc keep pressing F8, this will bring you into the boot menu where you can boot the pc from the disk.
imm not gona give up just yet,ill keep digging a bit longer and see what i can come up with,but thanks to the noley for the offer:rock on:
Hi paddybongo

Hmmm... could you give a more detailed report of what has happened with your computer and what is happening? What programs did you use to remove the virus/trojans, and could you post the exact error messages you receive?

Here are a few steps so that we can further assess the situation:

Please reboot your computer into Safe Mode by doing the following:
• Restart your computer
• After pressing the power button, repeatedly tap the F8 key.
• Instead of Windows loading as normal, the Advanced Options Menu should appear;
• Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode, then press Enter.
• Choose the administrator's account.

How does your computer run in Safe Mode? Is it normal, slow, and/or full of errors?

I see that you have already tried the Avira RescueCD, but cannot get it to run. Here are instructions on how to use it:

Best Regards :grin: