WooshBuild Somebody selling WB Infinity Guide on Ebay!!


The description says they wrote it themselves, so probably Ok

BUT --- at the bottom it says this ::

"This guide does not show you how to install Wooshbuild as this is for more advanced users."

Not much of a guide then !!!
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it's not unusual, when we used to flash builds using usb sticks you used to see usb's with wooshbuild on for sale.

I used to sell boxes with grogbuild installed and ebay used to delete my listings because they broke copywrite rules.

looking at the listing, they are not selling wooshbuild itself just instructions how to use it so not sure it breaks any rules but If people are stupid enough to pay for information that is freely available then more fool them


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There are many things the manual does not say how to fix and not many pdf guides how to fix them and not doing a search to see whats out there and if people see whats been sold they will buy it.

Basically its for fixing issues you have on box in pdf format.
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Just happened to come by this ad on Ebay - somebody is selling an Infinity Guide!!

Wooshbuild Infinity Basic User Guide Manual | eBay

Is that allowed? Must admit, I was very surprised to see it.
"whilst searching for a line that allows me watch premium tv for free, i thought i'd see if i might pick up a box to run this illegal service on, preferably one that has an image that so closely resembles the sky interface as to be a copy and one that has addons to easily add vpn servers so i can hide what i am watching from my court-bound-to-cut-my-ass-off-if-i -so-much-as-see-jamie-redknapps-perma-tanned-face-ISP. can you imagine the horror on my face when i found someone selling a pdf on how to plug a usb into a port before powering on"?