Yes u can get premium channels but it comes with its own problems. First you need fast broadband but lots of freezing and as i am now experiancing not getting any premium channels cos at bottom of info bar it is showing not connection which should appear only when your bb line is not connected but mine is. So i am myself waiting for some help. The guys who sells it don't bother answaring any question you might have afterward. After sale is crap sometime.
Ok. But dont get me wrong i have had sv6 for past 2 weeks now and all was well. But just looking for some advise why this is happening now. My advise to you is ask other or maybe supplier question first cos it is operated through internet streaming so how long this will last i don't know.


my personal opinions are if you dont have one - dont waste your money! it may work for a short while and then thats it pennies down the drain