Windows 7 Tips.


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Don't know if anyone has noticed this.


The control panel requires a million clicks to get to the right section.


Click on "Category" at the top and change view to either small or large icons.

i got a disc with windows 7 on it today gman,spoke to a guy thats using it how do you find it he reckons its fast etc and alot better than vista.
I've been using it since the first Beta & have had no issues worth mentioning so far.

You couldn't compare it to Vista in so far as Vista was like trying to drive double Decker bus with a one litre engine, whereas, Windows 7 is like driving a one litre car with a 4.8L BMW engine.

It's very hard to put into words, you just know when you're using it, that it's smooth and responsive as opposed to jittery & sluggish.

Remember, Win7 has a footprint not much bigger than that of XP, it's nowhere near the resource hogger Vista is/was. Because of that, it will run happily on much lower Speced machines too.

The bottom line is that it will be a huge success compared to Vista.

Remember too, all new OS's take time for the user to get comfortable with them.

thanks for that gman it confirms what the guy said to me today,ill create a partition and see how it works i have xp on one pc and vista on this one and i do find vista very sluggish microsoft have been losing credibility with vista and they had to come up with a solution and hopefully windows 7 is it (y)
Track Your Actions with Problem Steps Recorder.

Track Your Actions with Problem Steps Recorder:

The primary reason for releasing the Windows 7 Beta was for Microsoft’s developers to get feedback from users. (Notice the glaring Send Feedback link at the top of every window?) In addition, the devs have built in a diagnostic tool called Problem Steps Recorder that combines screen captures with mouse tracking to record your actions. You can launch this program from the Start Menu by typing “psr.exe” in the search field.


Hit the Record button and Problem Steps Recorder starts tracking your mouse and keyboard input while taking screenshots that correspond with each new action. Stop recording and your session is saved to an HTML slide show recreating your steps, in which you can add comments and annotations. It’s particularly useful if you need to create a tutorial for a computer-illiterate relative.

i just install it on my 3 pc and its fast seems much better then vista have had no probs yet but only just done it will see
i cant get nero 7 to work with it what should i use any help would be great thanks
been using it now for a few hours,what a difference to vista totally like what i see so far (y)
ya i like it a lot im going to uninstall it and reinstall it now in a few mins and i think ill be getting rid of vista
ya i like it a lot im going to uninstall it and reinstall it now in a few mins and i think ill be getting rid of vista
ive spent the last few hours on it and i definitely like it i will not be going back to vista, microsoft will have to get this right otherwise it aint going to be good for them .
(1) Shaking a windows title bar will minimize any other open windows.

(2) You can auto re-size a window to fill half the screen when you drag a window fully to your monitors edge.

Very useful without awkward resizing.