enigma2 box IPTV player Bug


i am using iptv in my enigma2 box. i put my channels with normal satellite channels so i can have full epg. i am using OPENATV 6(wooshbuild v6) so when i watch IPTV the channel start with same like satellite channel and i am sure its using the AGENT (Enigma2 HbbTV/1.1.1)

problem is if my source is few seconds down or my internet become slow for few seconds my channel become freeze. but may be source become on within 5 seconds but my channel doesnt play until i change the channel and come back to the same channel to restart the stream.
i am using VLC player in my laptop and if i put the channel in repeat mode i can see if the source down my VLC continue trying to play the stream. so if i play in VLC i just feel like freeze for few seconds. can we do samething in enigma2 box? i check whole box menu and settings there is no way we can put something like repeat play.

any help will be greatly appreciated. as its really annoying

Thanks very much in advance
Kind Regards