1. H

    IPTV Catch up

    HI does anyone know where I could get a sub for a good IPTV that has Catch up for a mag box my mate has a mag box with 14 day catch up but he bought it all set up from e-bay and the seller is no longer on the site so I can't get a sub from him. Thanks.
  2. BeardedKing

    Advice on what cable box to buy

    Hi All, I currently have a Vu+ Solo2 but want to upgrade to a cable box as I want HD channels. This box runs at lightning speed so I'm looking for a similar box that is for cable. The Vu+ Duo 2 is waaaaaaay too expensive so does anyone have any tips on what to go for? I don't want a...
  3. V

    [email protected] my life how do i shut the MRS up?!!!!

    So being new to all this I bought a box off a fella down the street, came all setup plug and play. Had a Toshiba 16gb usb in back, he sad "don't take that out, if you wanna add a hard drive to record onto let me know and ill sort it for you." no probs. plugged in all well. 3 days later no sky...
  4. D

    Android Calling people in the know

    Just got the app Solid Streams. Anyone know how to cast to TV without chromecast? I've got the app bubble up but doesn't seem to work due to the choice of players in Solid Streams, maybe!? Helpppppppp! Cheers
  5. S

    Guide to motorized dish & what's available?

    With the potential for Sky to go completely dark, is there a full guide anywhere for what's available via a motorized dish? My search was unsuccessful... Ultimately I only really want Sky for the live sports. The solution needs to be wife-friendly, so IPTV isn't ideal (no epg). Virgin isn't...
  6. T


    Hi guys, i have a zgemma h.2s box at home. What im looking to know in detail, is how to insert a cccam line via usb into the box and activate it? Say i buy the line, i recieve it via email, what are my next steps right thru to working. cheers for any help in advance.
  7. K

    Please help - Can't remove auto-timers (Slyk Skin)

    Hi All, I have the zgemma H2S with the Slyk skin. This mostly works fine but I have set up a couple of auto-timers that were intended to record a particular series. The problem is that the series has long since finished, but the receiver continues to record whatever is on at that time. I have...
  8. W

    Iptv picture quality

    Hi have tried a few iptv subs now, all of them seem to struggle with sports there seems to be a blur/ghosting when watching them no matter the screen size though it does become more apparent on larger screens is there anyway to stop this? My tv and laptop screens both cope well with hd and 4k...
  9. C

    SSPPV anywhere to find it?

    Hi guys I understand the situation with the channels atm. I'm using zgemma h2s on wooshbuild v5, I have went to the wooshbuild tv section and can find sly sports news etc. I cannot find the PPV Channel. Is there any way to find this or is it not possible? WrestleMania tomorrow would rather...
  10. N

    Anyone here fluent in Kodi when installing SportsMania?

    It's driving me nuts trying to get Ultimate Mania installed on my Fire TV Box. Installed Kodi 17.1, got the repo from SportsMania, unzipped and updated, go into their repo folder, find SportsMania, Sports Nation HD and UltimateMania all there but if I click on any and press 'install' nothing...
  11. celticfc

    zgemma and internet probs

    hi , i have zgemma 2s on latest wooshbuild build my prob is every night about 10 pm my modem keeps dropping out, i contacted plusnet who say my prob. is internal and my modem is out of sync. every time i reboot box and modem it works for couple min. then drops. i do a network scan on box and it...
  12. N

    no signal message.

    Hi, my line is on, I'm getting BT, but I have a no signal message on all sky channels, any help appreciated.
  13. C

    Vu duo 2 or Solo 2 virgin setup

    Hi guys, Im currently running sat turners in my vu boxes but fancy trying out the virgin side of things for the likes of HD etc, whats needed to run this is just a case of new turners, feed and line ? Thanks for any help!!
  14. D

    Upgrade By Network Channel List Update V8s

    Hi All, I've just gone to upgrade the channel list via upgrade by network on my v8s to solve the current missing channel issue and lost all channels after update! I know line is ok as have same one upstairs working fine. Any ideas?