1. 0

    Picons on both IPTV and FTA Channels

    Hello, I am trying to assign Picons to both my FTA and IPTV channels using xtream editor. I have successfully been able to apply them to my IPTV channels but not my FTA ones. I have exported my DVB all channels bouquet and added my IPTV channels to it in order to have my channels under the...
  2. P

    Help with E2m3u2bouquet 0.7.4

    On zgemma H7c. I create a basic provider entry in E2m3u2bouquet on the box. Then edit the config file using Filezilla/notepad++ to connect to the box. Every time the provider is deleted on the zgemma. The config file is still on there. I tried editing the file on the box on Filezilla and also...
  3. M

    Putting iptv script on h2s

    Hi can anyone give me a heads up on how to put a iptv script which i add with putty on to a zgemma h2s which is now running wooshbuild 7,i have just updated my box with the new image as i was running the old sucmnsee image on vix and have managed to sort most of it out and may i say what a great...
  4. P

    Help with userbouquet.favourites.tv from provider - zgemma

    I have downloaded userbouquet.favourites.tv from provider. Problem is I'm not sure what to do next. I have asked for help but not heard back yet I am running zgemma H7c on grogbuild ATV 6.1 on which I already have VM The provider has a site with a control panel. I can choose device Enigma OE...
  5. C

    IPTV on Toshiba Smart TV

    Can IPTV be setup on any Smart TV? If so then any idea how can I setup IPTV on my Toshiba Smart TV?
  6. S

    IPTV on Xbox one

    Hi, does anyone know if its possible to run iptv on xbox? if anyone knows an app to download it would be much appreciated.
  7. M

    iptv issues! Please help!

    hi everyone! Hoping you can help. Running zgemma h25 with Iptv - Have had ‘access denied there is a problem with the connection to the server’ my sub said it’s the box at fault but I’m not so sure. Have tried re-flashing box and re-installing iptv with no such luck same message.Any help would be...
  8. C

    Catch up TV / On Demand - IPTV Player / Plugins

    Hi I'm currently looking for catchup support be it a plug in or if there's something to add within the IPTV Player Plugin. I have an IPTV sub and that has a 7day catchup which I really can't fault however I'm looking for something like Channel 4 and Channel 5 catchup The IPTV Player plugin...
  9. T

    Kodi IPTV App

    morning , i currently have a iptv sub on kodi with streamsupreme and im looking for a new provider . must have all uk channels , all sports and ppv . and 3pm football games streamed . what would you recommend
  10. A

    IPTV/DVB EPG Possibility?!

    Hi everyone, I have a zGemma H2s with an IPTV line installed and my family find it cumbersome jumping between the standard bouquets and the IPTV ones. So, I was just wondering if it is possible to have my zGemma H2s have an EPG that is based on the 'Sly' channel numbering system that when i...
  11. U

    New Android APP - Best I've Seen

    Anyone Else Seen this new Android APP? It look amazing!
  12. M

    Spotify / Netlix / Deezer accounts.

    Hi all, I am looking into the Spotify and Netflix etc reselling. I am looking for any information on how to resell or maybe how to do it myself? any advice would be very much appreciated. had a few offers at £15 for 12 months. *PS, I am not sure if I posted this is the right place but let me...
  13. D


    "HRTunerProxy" allows Plex to use E2 tuners for LiveTV & Recordings. Stumbled across it in the plugins section on my Vu+ and was wondering if anyones had any success with this ? If so what sort of set up do you have / need. I couldn't find anything on here related to "HRTunerProxy" and google...
  14. dsayers2014

    Enigma2 Open VPN Document 2018-03-18

    Enigma2 OpenVPN Setup guide to download OpenVPN configs via script and uses OpenVPN changer to switch countries. VPN,s added so far 1) Nord VPN 2) IP Vanish 3) Digibit 4) Pure VPN
  15. F

    Iptv france m3u playlist + sports + turkish + german 17-03-2018

    Hi again, Kings of iptv are back with a playlist that contains all bouquets ; Documentary, cinema, sports and carton for your children. get it IPTV France m3u here : https://www.technicalforweb.com/2017/03/31/gratuit-iptv-m3u-france-canaux/ Get Sports iptv from here...
  16. S

    how do i add a xml epg into a zgemma h2s ?

    As title, where do i put the url on the zgemma box? im trying to get a xml file to use as a epg on a zgemma h2s from www.iptv-epg.com ive wooshbuild, ive got epg importer and epg refresh plugins installed.
  17. F

    Three new HD IPTV SPORTS playlists 14-03-2018

    Hi dear readers, I am charing with you today three lists of iptv sports channels that contain all channels. download it from here: https://www.technicalforweb.com/2017/03/31/telecharger-gratuit-iptv-beinsport-m3u-list/ if you have any question, please write it down.
  18. Ariana

    Perfect Player 1.4.2

    Perfect Player is set-top box style IPTV/Media player for watching videos on TVs, tablets and smartphones. The app doesn't contain any channels, you need to add Playlists in Settings for this. Note: To get the best playback experience try different Decoder options in Settings. Features: - Nice...
  19. Cruxy

    IPTV from Belgium

    Hello, I have a T8V android box that I already use for KODI & intend to use for IPTV. I live in Belgium and I'm looking into getting IPTV for UK channels. Do I have to take any extra steps because of my location? e.g. Should I specify my location when requesting a sub? Do I need a VPN? Any...
  20. B

    IPTV Bouquets disappeared

    Hi guys, I have a zgemma h2s with a iptv sub on it which until now has worked great. I had been running it with Sky as my isp but have moved to a new house with BT. The bouquets had disappeared so I did the set process again. Box goes through the motions of downloading bouquets but is very...