1. K

    IPTV & I-follow

    Just seen somebody advertising an IPTV sub with access to any I-follow channel. I was led to believe that this isn't possible yet? Is the seller having me on here? or is it now possible to access i-follow with IPTV subs?
  2. D

    Good VPN Service ?

    I am after a VPN service that ideally changes it's IP addresses regularly and does a good job of evading the obstacles put in place by foreign service providers. I know the top ones are great for speed etc.. but they are also at the top of the blacklist, meaning I can not subscribe to foreign...
  3. B

    Help with Whooshbuild Bouquet

    Hello Currently having issues with my Zgemma H2S box, i have formatted the box twice, installed latest software and run all checks to get IPTV running..All OK Tonight i switch the box on and all the bouquets have gone missing, this isn't the first time its happened...So i ran E-Channelizer to...
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  6. N

    Hi There !

    Just a quick hello to indroduce myself, have been interested and active tinkering in satelite since the analoge era had motorized equiptment 1.2m / 1.8m dishes etc over the years. Now interested in IPTV and currently own a VU+ Solo2 with a little Sky Dish.
  7. M


    Good day, I am thinking of making an IPTV App for XBOX one it will allow the use of m3u and have the Xtream API. The app its self would be able to be used on windows 10, windows phone and XBOX One The question is, if you were to use this what features would you like to have? I know there is...
  8. S

    IPTV 24hr test

    can anybody do me a 24hr test on iptv service. Has to be basic m3u format as it is jist to load to webtv app on old openbox at the moment. Will likely lead to 3 purchases to replace my unreliable current supplier.
  9. D

    Can E2 stream to E2 ?

    Hi found an old zgemma sat box (H2S) Wondered if its possible for me to stream my vu+ (Uno4k) to it ? I've done it through kodi via android tv boxes etc.. Didn't know if e2 devices are capable?
  10. M

    IPTV Apps/Devices

    Hello fellow Tekkers, I see alot of post about what apps are best to use with certain device so i have put a consolidated list together of all the apps and devices that i have used and tested during the last few months. What i will say i am no expert in this field i to have just learnt the hard...
  11. L

    Vu+solo2(Wooshb7) recording every channel i zap

    Hi all, 1. somehow every program i browse ends up in my recordings and my storage cant handle it any more. can i disable this unwanted recording somehow. :( 2. Can i bulk delete the recordings ive amassed :( 3. My recordings look like 2 programs overlapping and having a fight with each...
  12. moe84

    IPTV via Android tv box

    HI Guys, I am considering to buy 1 of this -...
  13. MrThing

    How to remove playhd_4.3.ipk using Putty

    Hi, Does anyone know the correct command line to remove this IPK file from a Star 2S ZGemma using Putty please? Thanks.
  14. C

    Best IPTV app for FireStick

    I am looking for good IPTV app for my firestick. Can anyone recommend good IPTV player? I am very new to IPTV so kindly explain any differences between any IPTV players and things I should look for in a IPTV player. Thanks in advance
  15. Syztemlord

    IPTV and VOD Timeshift

    Hey guys, I'm using the Xtream Editor plugin with IPTV set to DVB and I've managed to get timeshift working but only on live channels and I've had to use echannelizer to link the IPTV channels to a regular service channels. I was wondering as I've got hundreds of channels, is there an easier...
  16. hulkster1974

    Technomate TM-NANO_SE m2 plus

    Hey guys bought a replacement remote for my box but no instructions on how to pair anybody got any ideas the remote i got was a technomate tm-5402-hd im reading that this remote inst compatible now
  17. H

    Streaming to Kodi from box with IPTV channels

    Hi, I have the Zgemma H2S box, and I want to stream the channels to a Kodi box upstairs with the VU+/enigma2 addon. The box has IPTV channels on it, with a paid subscription. It isn't receiving channels from the satellite receiver. The problem is, the addon scans all the channels and adds them...
  18. 0


    Good Afternoon, Has anyone been able to get Picons on both FTA and IPTV Channels? I for whatever reason am only able to get them on one or the other and not both. Can anyone suggest how I can do this? Im using xtream editor currently on wooshbuild. TIA
  19. F

    Deutsch And france iptv M3u lists

    Hello guys! we have just updated the iptv m3u files on technicalforweb.com. Due to the large number of users you may face some lagging. We can not fix the issue since the file isn't hosted by technicalforweb.com Download iptv german France iptv m3u Note: Free iptv m3u files end in 24hrs...
  20. ABMSAT

    Remotely change Portal URL with redirects?

    Hi TK, Basically I have quite a number of personal customers that have MAG devices, and with IPTV a portal URL can need to change quite often, I am wondering if instead of going to each house/box to change the portal URL for the ones who cannot do this, or struggle to learn tech can I do this...