Help with dd-wrt and pia setup


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So my service has fell victim to the dreaded IP block when main events and decent football is on..

I had a Linksys e2500 laying around and have flashed it with dd-wrt I also have a privateinternetaccess account and I'm looking to get it working on this.. if I can get it going I'll upgrade the router to a better one but at the moment it's a fecking melt.



I have a linksys WRT1900 ACS running DDWRT with PIA and more recently with IPVANISH.
I have the router connected to my P2P server and nas that stores my TV shows and movies.

It works well however i have had 2 issues ive not been able to resolve in the 2 years ive been running this.

1, i cant get the speed to go up anymore than 30/40mbps
2, the router will reboot under heavy load

I dont connect my IPTV to the router as my provider has a work around in place.